About the EA Capability Practice

Conexiam's EA Capability Practice lives and works around the globe - currently in Canada, the United States, England and Saudi Arabia.

We have been establishing and enhancing EA Capability for over a decade. Some of the first EA teams we helped establish are still delivering value.

Early in 2015 we shared our method to establish a world class EA team. With The Open Group, we published the latest World Class EA White Paper, "A Leader’s Approach to Establishing and Evolving an EA Capability" available from The Open Group. The paper identifies best practices you should adopt to stand-up, strengthen and sustain your EA Capability. We look forward to future publications on Conexiam's best practices.

We work in multiple industries with deep experience in capital intensive industries, finance, manufacturing and high-tech. We have established teams for century-old organizations and start-ups.

Message from Dave

We assist our clients in discovering what their hopes, fears, dreams and nightmares are. Then we deal with reality. We work to systematically understand what must be, and what must not be, to realize the good things and to dodge the bullet.

I am driven to do this. Effective change is exciting. Moving past superstition, hunch and mythology feed my love of logic and reason. Systematically diagnosing the problem, identifying the barriers, laying out the changes and crisply articulating the end state is intellectually stimulating.

I believe that several notions form the foundation of Conexiam:

  • Most efforts to change are misguided and doomed to fail. When the we do not understand the shape of the outcome and the starting point is imagined the changes are doomed.
  • A systemic methodological approach is more useful than experience.
  • Facts are more valuable than assumptions. Far too often unexamined assumptions masquerade as facts.
  • Truth is power. We cannot expect good decisions to be based upon lies and evasion.
  • People matter.

A wise woman told me that she believes Conexiam’s approach is a very grounded, result-driven, time-bound process that replaces doubts with truth and empowers and delivers.

Welcome to Conexiam.

Industry experience

Conexiam's EA Capability Practice has worked in a wide range of industries and geographies

Recent experience includes:

Public sector
Financial services
Oil & Gas




Conexiam is a management consulting firm that is technology supplier neutral and uses frameworks like TOGAF® and IT4ITTM as foundations to define roadmaps, construct governance scorecards and specify execution methods. We believe our success lies in leaving our proven method with you for your team to grow. We help you identify and bring specialists for specific digitization concern, the right system integrator, and the best option to get to location agnostic computing.

We believe that business and IT need each other, but should not be constrained by an organizational structure. We pivot customer centricity in two ways: to improve your level of engagement with current products and services and to inform your strategy with empirical data. We are a boutique shop with experience in multiple industry verticals across the US, Canada, Africa and the Middle East.

On the consulting side, we build straightforward, executable and repeatable enterprise and solution architecture, using the TOGAF 9 Framework as a foundation. We build on that foundation with Navigate, our straightforward, practical customization for designing problem-solving roadmaps that achieve a described target. Navigate is extended by a set of industry and domain specific Atlases. In addition, we use Pilot, our proven change leadership methodology, to successfully deliver strategy-driven projects.

We equip or enhance individuals and organizations with the end-to-end tools to communicate and execute on a well-formed strategy and an enterprise architecture capability.

Our Method

Our systematic methodology, which we refer to as "codified common sense," is built on top of frameworks like TOGAF®, IT4ITTM, Open Platform, SAFe® and CXM.  We design and implement the organizational, reporting and risk management changes necessary to execute your business strategy.

Conexiam uses Pilot™, our change leadership methodology, to lead transformation effort.  Conexiam integrates architectural, operational, project management and budget processes to ensure the strategy is realized.


Conexiam’s training programs are all about getting enterprise architecture to work for you. EA helps organizations, large or small, public or private, respond better to change and successfully deliver business strategy. We help our clients acquire the knowledge and skills they need to build and implement enterprise architecture in any public or private business environment. Conexiam gives you the tools to evolve your business and IT systems so that they achieve your company’s current and future objectives. 

Our EA courses offer the exact tools and techniques we use in our consulting business. Our case studies reflect actual client challenges and are designed to create problem-solving opportunities that give our students real-world EA experience.

In addition to effective education and training on the use of our EA methodology and toolkit, Navigate, we provide training in TOGAF® 9.1 certification. We also offer a wide range of domain specific and skills-based courses.