People Matter

At Conexiam people matter. We spend time getting to know you before hiring you. We spend a lot of time together each day working then traveling, so we have to get along. People at Conexiam are always growing, learning and working hard, this is just part of the game. On purpose, you will grow 10-fold from being part of this company. You’ll be grateful for all the training when you’re in front of our clients, and you will be a part of the front line. We are ever changing and inventing the best practices in our industry. You can create your future here. You will have the freedom to create your path. Creating your path is both a benefit and responsibility. If you are looking for a company that you can separate your “work” and your “life”, this is not the place for you. We play off people’s strengths, and we are not a one location organization with fixed roles. We are a virtual company with a dynamic team. We work onsite (wherever onsite is). If you’re interested in interacting with real people and want to grow, coach, travel the globe or become a world leader then this is the place for you. We are not a number-crunching type of place.

Do you want to make a difference, have people who care about you, work hard and chart your career path? WELCOME HOME.

Our team spends a lot of time together each day, working or traveling. Team cohesion is very important to us. We invest in getting to know you and make sure you get to know the team you will be spending the better part of your days with before we hire you.

  • You like to travel the globe
  • You know how to navigate conversations and lead to resolutions
  • You know what is right, deliberate all angles and help shape decisions. You will re-pivot to execute on what was decided without a question
  • You love to coach, mentor and grow
  • You can switch context; drop your personal and professional bias without breaking a sweat
  • You are okay with engaging clients or the rest of the team remotely
  • Technology and productivity tools don't daunt you
  • You are curious about enterprise, business, security and technology architectures

At Conexiam, you will have the freedom to create your own path. This is a benefit and a responsibility.  Are you game to chart your own path, make a difference, work as a family, blend dynamism and yogic state? Welcome Onboard!

Personal Development

We recognize that learning is lifelong. Our team wants to be the best we can be. This requires a lifelong commitment to exploring, learning and growing.

Central to Conexiam's consulting are Navigate and Pilot - regardless of your experience we know you need to become familiar with our toolset and methodology.

Personal development is personal - each of us needs to learn different things and we learn with different styles. On at least a semi-annual basis, we review individual training requirements for each member of the team following a core philosophy "train to strength & team to weakness". Two essential elements come out of this approach: excellence and a recognition that we are at our best together.

Development programs typically will mix traditional training courses, along with more practical "on-the-job" mentoring and support.

Examples of development include:

  • Conexiam Navigate: Understanding and becoming conversant in enterprise architecture
  • Wilderness first aid: Yes, Wilderness first aid...Imagine being confident in extreme situations knowing you can handle whatever is happening
  • Public speaking: Communication is central to success as a consultant
  • Software training: Expanding our expertise on using basic tools

Most development is practical, and many of the skills that an experienced consultant needs will come from exposure rather than settling in and learning in a safe environment. Most practical development comes from on-the-job "mentoring". When practical, we will place consultants with a mentor, for the sake of our clients' interests, and measure the mentor on the development of their mentee - measuring the mentor really focuses attention on a goal and passing on experience and expertise in a meaningful way.

Conexiam Team

Conexiam's team are professionals who share our passion and dedication.

We invest in developing capability in our team. Capability to collaborate, communicate and think creatively: Essentially to deliver effective Enterprise Architecture and enhance our client's in-house capability.

Our business model requires our team to effectively engage with clients and other teams wherever they are from wherever you are  - whether at a local office, a client site or someplace around the globe.

We work a mix of long-term assignments and short-term engagements providing point expertise on multiple projects.

Attributes of the Conexiam Team

Critical thinking, strong listening & effective communication are the foundation attributes to thrive in Conexiam's agile and fluid work environment.