Collaboration with our Clients


Conexiam Connects

Vision and innovation are essential to successful EA. Conexiam’s method of designing enterprise architecture achieves business success and enhances competitive advantage by:

  • Optimizing the often fragmented processes across the enterprise .
  • Creating an integrated environment that is responsive to change and supportive of the delivery of business strategy.
  • Managing and exploiting information through IT.
  • Providing a strategic context that enables business and IT systems to respond to the constantly changing needs of the enterprise.
  • Modernizing the technology landscape.

Our systematic methodology, which we refer to as "codified common sense," ensures a good return on current investment and reduced risk for future investment.        

Delivering As A Team

The benefits of enterprise architecture are lost on companies that are long on promises (we will grow, we will rebrand), but short on actual business strategy. When architecture teams don’t take adequate time to look at potential future benefits, EA fails. Enterprise architecture is only as good as the governance framework around which the decision-making framework is established. 

We focus on:

  • Purpose
  • Capability
  • Approach
  • Gaps in People, Process and Tools
  • Building a Roadmap to achieve Target with

    • Work Plan
    • Execution
    • Governance

We share activity and take responsibility. We deliver on strength and delegate on weakness.

Leadership In Governance

Conexiam delivers effective enterprise architecture governance that adheres to the following principles:

  • The architecture supports the needs of the stakeholders
  • The architecture is approved by the stakeholders
  • Projects comply with the approved architecture


We encourage collaboration by helping our clients identify high-power stakeholders—those whose needs must be met in order for the organization to grow and succeed.

Then we deliver business architecture that gives high-power stakeholders the right information on which to base their decisions for change.


Conexiam ensures that the high-power stakeholders approve
the roadmap and thus the architecture. We also provide proof that the
vision they approved is clearly reflected in the roadmap.


A well-planned governance structure allows organizations to manage, measure and realize the intended benefits of their strategy.

With Conexiam, stakeholders can have confidence that change initiatives demonstrate value at all stages of the enterprise architecture process, including:

  • Roadmap
  • Business case
  • Charter
  • Solution architecture / design
  • Implementation
  • Completion
  • Conexiam solutions

Executing strategy is the foundation of Conexiam’s approach to solving complex problems. We have the expertise to make the right changes and we can empower your EA team with the proper tools and skills to make enterprise architecture work for you.