What is a Conexiam Navigate Atlas

Best practice enterprise architecture ensures that the central questions the business needs answered are in focus. To achieve tight focus, you must ruthlessly minimize the information gathered, analyzed, stored and maintained.

Every component that used in the models in an EA repository must be sustained, as well as the relationships and properties. The number of interim architecture states and options analyzed multiplies the information maintenance burden.

Based upon the question an EA Team are asked to address Navigate is custom configured. Core Navigate contains the absolute minimum information. Different purposes call for different data requirements. Conexiam’s specialized Atlases extended Navigate seamlessly.

This method allows substantially smaller information demands and crisp focus on expected value. We gracefully enlarge Navigate's capacity through specialized Atlases to seamlessly address new critical questions. The exercise is not to gather all the information that might be useful in some potential future.
Each Atlas includes by purpose-specific presentation stock, information gathering templates and Guides that spell out gathering, analyzing and reporting steps. Conexiam’s Guides can provide the steps; they do not provide wisdom, experience, and judgment. We facilitate this with capable resources, mentoring, and specialized training.

Core Navigate contains the absolute minimum information. Specialized purposes, like project and portfolio management (PPM), road mappinggovernance, risk and compliance (GRC), business process improvement, service architecture, information architecture, and integration architecture are provided as fully integrated extensions to the core.

Conexiam’s Navigate is a flexible enterprise architecture meta-model and standardized set of templates and deliverables. Specialized Atlases extended Navigate seamlessly.

Navigate Atlas Design

Navigate Atlases are designed to to address the problem of getting to done.
Through each Atlas we gracefully address new critical questions. The exercise is not to gather all the information that might be useful in some potential future.Just the information we currently need.

  • How to describe an architecture
    Extensible content metamodel built on a end-to-end core
  • Support for gathering information
    Structured gathering templates & presentation stock material
  • Support for analysis
    Analytic support and Guides
  • Support for reporting
    Purpose based reporting & presentation stock material
  • Training materials

Conexiam Atlases address purpose and specialized domain.

Navigate Guides

Conexiam Guides include proven tools and techniques, including:

  • Reference model (e.g. IT4IT, APQC Process Classification Framework)
  • Information gathering templates (e.g. Business Process spreadsheet)
  • Viewpoint Library (for describing, proving and analyzing)
  • Architecture Trade-off Method
  • How-to for formal modeling with Avolution ABACUS®
  • Governance toolset
  • Process touchpoints

Conexiam has used Navigate in a variety of business sectors including utilities, transportation, energy, telecom, defense and financial services.

Throughout Navigate we maintain a standard set of definitions, and purposes. We find it is often more useful to explain the purpose of a specialized term than attempt a definition.