Conexiam uses Pilot™, our change leadership methodology, to drive projects that deliver business value. Conexiam integrates architectural, project management and operational and budget processes to ensure the strategy is realized.

With Pilot, Conexiam performs three key functions:

  1. Ties roadmap benefits to projects at initiation
  2. Reports at key points how well a project is tracking to the roadmap and the intended benefits
  3. Enables mid-course correction at key points to keep projects on the roadmap and achieving benefits

Our strategy-driven projects succeed because:

  • We support project management with effective governance
  • Our standardized tests ensure projects are tracking to the roadmap and the intended benefits
  • We provide go/no-go decision support
  • Our methodology enables mid-course corrections

For decision-makers, Pilot optimizes business value by linking key components of a project to the objectives, benefits and timing specified in the roadmap. It also measures the tangible benefits of investment decisions.  For implementers, Pilot provides incremental feedback on business success and their contribution to it.

Conexiam guides change with Pilot using the following tools and techniques:

  • Standardized processes
  • Governance method
  • Reporting templates

Conexiam has used Pilot in a variety of business sectors including utilities, transportation, energy, telecom, defense and financial services.