Predicable EA

On the consulting side, we build straightforward, executable and repeatable enterprise architecture and solution architecture. A central element to a high functioning EA team is clarity of purpose.

Understanding the purpose of the architecture engagement, and what information is required allows Conexiam to tailor the architecture deliverables. Conexiam has developed a Predictable EA approach using fixed periods of time with known deliverables and work product.

Central purposes of enterprise architecture

Typically, there are four broad purposes of an EA Capability:

  • EA to support Strategy: provide an end-to-end target architecture, and develop roadmaps of change over longer time periods. In this context, architecture is used to identify change initiatives and supporting portfolio and programs.
  • EA to support Portfolio: Deliver EA to support cross-functional, multi-phase, and multi-project change initiatives. In this context, architecture is used to identify projects, set their terms of reference, align their approaches, identify synergies, and govern their execution.
  • EA to support Project: Deliver EA to support the Enterprise’s project delivery method to assure compliance with architectural governance, and to support the integration and alignment between projects.
  • EA to support Solution Deployment: Deliver EA that is used to support solution deployment by defining how the change will be designed and delivered, and finally, act as a governance framework for change.

Effective usable Enterprise Architecture

We have observed that our clients' business users want an effective architecture that is used to guide and improve operations. The fastest path to effective architecture is to leverage established tools and open materials.

We base our practice upon TOGAF. We extend TOGAF with Navigate and a set of open reference materials. We use Avolution’s ABACUS because it is the most effective EA analytic tool and EA Repository we can find.

In Person and Remote

We recognize that our projects require both on-site and off-site activity.  Our investment in document sharing, workflow, electronic conferencing and mobile communications enables us to utilize resources responsibly.  All of our staff members have experience working in multiple time zones across geographies.  

We utilize our secure team collaboration infrastructure for work-in-progress, and make it available to members of our client teams as required.

Conexiam's Predictable EA method uses a seven-week sprint plan to ensure predictability and provides clarity of what work is requested and delivered. Longer-term advisory contracts, require balancing client flexibility with predictability and clarity for all participants.

In each sprint, one or more deliverables will be identified and a breakdown of work product will be developed. Each deliverable and work product will have an accountable resource and due date.

Predictable Enterprise Architecture: Establishing & Enhancing an EA Team

Predictable EA: Establishing an EA Team

Every Predictable EA Capability project is designed to deliver against three objectives

  1. Providing useful architecture deliverables
  2. Enhancing the EA capability of the in-house team
  3. Extending the toolset of the in-house team

Predictable EA engagements are structured around 7-week sprints – providing time for training, mentoring, tool development, and development of useful architecture artifacts. A joint effort between our client and Conexiam perform all delivery – Conexiam provides backstop resources (tools, people, method) to ensure success, and transfer practical knowledge most efficiently.

Hands-on-learning, out-of-the-box tooling, crisp delivery oriented method, and realistic training provides both a reliable architecture delivery and sustainment capability.

We will have achieved success on these projects when we accelerate our customer’s journey to having a high-functioning team. At the end of the initial Sprint, they have a practical architecture toolkit, method, repository and the skills to use it in future work; and our customers have good architecture at hand.

Enhancing In-House Enterprise Architecture Capability

Maturity in enterprise architecture capability is dependent on common tools, processes and deliverables as well as the skills of individual team members.

Conexiam builds in-house EA capability in four ways:

  1. People: We train and mentor in-house enterprise architects
  2. Processes: We link enterprise architecture to key business processes and provide clear touch-points to ensure success
  3. Technology: Our proven methodology—Navigate and Pilot—enhances our clients’ in-house intellectual property
  4. Industry excellence: We empower our clients with industry standard capability modeling

Predictable EA: Delivering Enterprise Architecture

Every Predictable EA engagement is designed to deliver against a single objective

  1. Providing useful architecture deliverables

The test of useful is critical. Enterprise architecture is based upon analysis - the architect can always know more, explore more, extend the analysis a bit further. To be useful, the architecture must first be available to be used. This requires getting to done. Done means the architecture is fit-for-purpose.

Fit-for-purpose is based upon confidence & completeness: The correct information was gathered, the correct analysis was performed against the organization’s context and stakeholder preferences. That stakeholders understand the implications of their preferences and make trade-off decisions. That guidance is available making the architecture usable.

Predictable EA engagements are structured around 7-week sprints – providing time for information gathering, analysis, feedback and completion of useful architecture artifacts.

We provide, out-of-the-box tooling, a practices team of experts who smoothly work together and a sustainable EA Repository.

We will have achieved success on these projects when we deliver good architecture. Architecture that is demonstrably based on goals, objectives and stakeholder preferences. Architecture that addresses the question at hand. Architecture that guides future work.

We believe our success lies in passing on our proven method to you for your team to grow.  For every engagement, we offer the option to include our EA Capability Workshop that revitalizes your team and accelerates time to achieve target state.

Conexiam's EA Capability Workshop is offered in three versions: 1 day, 5 day and 10 day.

The Capability Workshop is designed to identify the purpose, objectives and organizational model of a successful EA team and rapidly identify a roadmap to achieving an EA team that meets the needs, structure and objectives of the organization.

To deliver this set of workshops Conexiam extensively utilizes its NavigateTM and PilotTM toolkits with TOGAF® providing a framework.