Sprint Based Approach

Conexiam’s Predictable EA uses a sprint-based approach. Our Project Lead takes the role of the Product Owner. As Product Owner, the lead motivates the team with a clear, elevating goal. In return for the team's commitment to completing the selected user stories, the Product Owner makes a clear commitment not to add new requirements during the sprint.

Every day, we measure progress, identify blockers and determine whether the work product is fit-for-purpose. Fit-for-purpose is critical for analytic architecture work – the architect can always know more, explore more, extend the analysis a bit further. However, architecture must be useful, timely, and needs to meet objectives.

In each sprint, one or more deliverables will be identified and a breakdown of work product will be developed. Each deliverable and work product will have an accountable resource and due date.

To track the sprint, we will use a work product completion cycle. Typically there are three states – Done, Not-Done, and Started. Each work product should not exceed two calendar days of work effort. Simplified reporting of short time-frame work product provides a clear appreciation of progress.

Deliverables are often iterative, with improvement, enhancement or refinement taking place in following sprints. Sprints are planned in advance to ensure resources and dependencies are complete.

Achieving fit-for-purpose requires sufficient completeness and sufficient confidence. Each deliverable and work product have a clearly stated measure of fitness.

For an initial Predictable EA Sprint, Conexiam takes the lead. We integrate the client into our team. We know the process, the method, the toolkit and the deliverables. As our customers gain confidence, skill and capability, we transition sprint leadership.

Integrated team: Accelerate Capability

For the initial Predictable EA Sprint, Conexiam integrates the client's resources team into our team. We know the process, the method, the toolkit and the deliverables. We take responsibility to mentor and transfer knowledge to enable our client's team.

We achieve success when our client's journey to becoming a high-functioning architecture team is accelerated. At the end of the initial sprint, our clients have an effective architecture toolkit, method, repository and the skills to use them in future architecture work. They have useable architecture at hand.