Oil & Gas enterprises tend to have a set of very specific goals, motivations and architecture consistent with the capital-intensive industry. The capital project dwarfs all internal change projects and redirects the company.

Often commodity price is the single largest determiner of core motivation. When prices are high, time-to-market is trump. When prices are low, efficiency is trump.

The industry is also characterised by a very high degree of agility - with businesses undergoing almost constant re-organization.

With Oil & Gas prices forecasted to remain under 60 USD throughout 2016 and 2017 (The Economy Forecast Agency http://longforecast.com/brent/crude-oil-forecast-for-2015-2016-and-2017.html) It is more important now than ever before for the Oil & Gas industry to receive the maximum benefits and value from their Information Technologies (IT).

In the 2016 Oil & Gas Trends report by PWC (http://www.strategyand.pwc.com/perspectives/2016-oil-and-gas-trends), it lists three things that all Oil & Gas organizations should consider doing:

Third, O&G companies need to exploit new technology to innovate, minimize costs, and help contribute to achieving a lower-emissions environment. For example, as oil prices plunge, demand for digital oil-field applications will grow. Opportunities to link multiple platforms operated remotely from a single onshore center or to deploy remote monitoring for onshore and offshore operations can obviate the need for physical on-site inspections. One supermajor, BP, is already adopting drone technology to inspect pipelines at its remote Prudhoe Bay field in Alaska



The key reason companies are investing in digital technologies id to improve operational efficiencies. Investing in digital technologies that enable people and assets are considered the most important investments. To get the most value from digital technology investments there are several barriers with the top two being

  1. Workflows and processes that create bottlenecks
  2. Physical and cyber security concerns

Conexiam has deep expertise and skills within the oil and gas industry and has a proven approach that can help an organization ensure that not only are the right investment decisions are made we can ensure that using our governance methodology that the intended benefits and values are delivered



Our Predictable Enterprise Architecture approach develops a clear mapping from an organizations strategic objectives to the change initiatives delivery. We have helped major US and Canadian Oil and Gas organizations attain their operational efficiency and effectiveness to increase their market share while improving internal operations. Our governance model aligns the organization on key priorities that assures returns and flexibility on capital investments and ensures that risks are identified and mitigated.

Our team is experienced in itSMF, TOGAF® and IT4ITTM frameworks.  We use these frameworks as a foundation to accelerate transformation efforts.  We have successfully delivered initiatives to virtualize data centers, launch customer experience driven growth platforms and digital ecosystem management projects.