Leading your EA team to success

February 20, 2016

Too many Enterprise Architecture teams fail - they miss the mark, squander their chance and are shut down. Other Enterprise Architecture teams are World-Class. EA teams enable moving from good to great, enabling strategy, and empower excellence.

This is a big, bold claim.

Enough doers are making these changes happen right now that clear guidance based on continued success is possible. Over the past few years, we have been synthesizing Conexiam's experience in a consistent practice.  Today, with the Open Group, we published the latest World Class EA White Paper, "A Leader’s Approach to Establishing and Evolving an EA Capability" available from The Open Group.

The "Leader's Guide" is the first time Conexiam has published our approach and guidance. We consolidated our experience establishing & enhancing EA teams around the world and tested these with colleagues at the Open Group. The paper identifies best practices you should adopt to stand-up, strengthen & sustain your EA Capability. We look forward to future publications on Conexiam's best practices.
Highlights of the paper include:

  • Unambiguous guidance that there is not a single context-free approach to succeeding with an EA Capability.
  • Real-world example of exercising TOGAF's ADM
  • The lack of clear objectives being the biggest contributor to failure for EA Capability

Conexiam has established and enhanced EA Capability focused on strategy, portfolio, and project, embedded in an IT organization, reporting to organizational change Leaders to support specific transformation projects and to provide focused continuous change. This experience highlights there is no one right EA Capability model. This paper was written to guide an EA Leader to identify the approach appropriate to your Enterprise. Appropriate to your context. Appropriate to your purpose. We cannot overstate the importance of aligning to your Enterprise’s context and purpose. In our experience, anyone who suggests there is a single correct approach is dead wrong, even though they create consulting opportunities to re-boot a soon-to-fail EA Capability.

The guide is available from The Open Group book store