Seven Levers of Digital Transformation

April 18, 2017

We assert that Digital Transformation encompasses 7 levers of change. These levers will reduce the number of failed projects, guide investment decisions and create a set of products and services to seal customer loyalty.

Addressing each “special” snowflake

Transformation as a concept pops up with advent of new technology or optimization concept, ever since the age of steam engines.  Information technology based transformations started from early 1990’s with business process reengineering.  Digital Transformation (DT) as a theme has been around since mid-1990s.  However, it gained true momentum from 2012 when connectivity became ubiquitous and cost of switching became dispensable due to the prevalence of cloud services.  With each technological wave, enterprises generate transformation projects.  Most often these projects fail in their first attempt, get resurrected over and over again, until they succeed or give up.

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