Sharing our experience

February 01, 2017

Last year Conexiam made a strategic decision to share our knowledge base with the world. We are undertaking an active path of taking highly re-usable parts of Navigate™ and Pilot™ and putting them into a format where they are generally accessible. We make active use of standards in all of our work, and offer all publications to The Open Group’s Forums, where our contribution can be peer reviewed.

Continuing with our practice we have a set of documents that help frame an EA practice.

First, the Leader’s Guide that outlines how to establish a high-functioning EA team that delivers to the purpose your organization wants.

Second, guidance for a Practitioner that highlights how to use TOGAF in the field, delivering useful enterprise architecture.

Third, assembling standards to accelerate a digital transformation journey. Digital transformation requires a strategic architecture, portfolio and project management, IT transformation (IT4IT, DevOps or Cloud computing), risk and governance.

Fourth, the Seven Levers of Digital Transformation that we assert comprise Digital Transformation. These levers will reduce the number of failed projects, guide investment decisions and create a set of products and services to seal customer loyalty.

Conexiam’s Predictable EA presents a proven approach to accelerate delivery of value to the enterprise and frames conversations about strategy, IT delivery, governance, and digitization at all levels of the enterprise.

We are actively working on:

  • guidance for governors designed to assist those tasked with governing the creation & use of enterprise architecture
  • guidance for consumers designed for decision-makers & stakeholders on what to require from an EA team, how to use & how to measure the effectiveness of a useful architecture
  • guidance for implementers the critical change, & implementation, teams that deliver the changes that realize the befits expected

Our materials in this series are structured to walk an EA team from developing an architecture to support strategy through implementation, leading to providing sufficient and compelling data to formulate new strategies. They are based on industry leading standards we use every day.

We will be opening our conversation while these materials are being drafted and reviewed. The first of these conversations, the Architecture Graveyard, is aimed at practitioners and team leaders. It is a series of short traps our EA Capability Practice observes in struggling EA teams.

Last. we have started to release parts of our integrated toolkit (ABACUS Avolution, Kanboard & Alfresco). In a Predictable EA engagement we work in fixed periods of time to assist our clients consume useful EA, deliver new useful EA, and extend the capability to create & consume EA. In our initial engagements we use our pre-integrated toolkit - a pre-integrated toolkit speeds time-to-market and provides a starting point for optimizing.

The first is an Expirable Content add-on for Alfresco. This add-on module gives us the ability to assign an expiration date to any folder or document in our Enterprise Content Management system. A scheduled action runs periodically to delete expired material. We use this to purge project materials and ensure we don’t store materials we shouldn’t be storing. One of the fundamentals of good Information Security is not saving information you don’t need and shouldn’t have.