Panel on Current State of Enterprise Architecture

April 17, 2011

Dave Hornford, managing partner at Conexiam, joined a panel at The Open Group Conference in San Diego, California on the current state of enterprise architecture (EA) that analyzed some new findings on the subject from a recently completed Infosys Technologies annual survey. The full transcript of the conversation is available online.

The following are Dave's key statements in the panel discussion:

"We've talked in this group about the business struggle to execute. We also have to consider the ability of an enterprise architecture team to execute.

"We're 20 years into EA, but you can look at business literature going back for a much broader period talking about the difficulty of executing as a business.

"I keep running into IT architecture teams that talk about making sure that IT has a seat at the table. It’s a failure model. A success model is not communicating one division's interests to the others, but identifying the services that the business needs, so that they can be effectively assembled, whether that assembly is inside the company, partly with an outsource provider, or with someone else doing the work.

"That gets back to that core focus of the sub-discipline that is evolving at an even faster rate than enterprise architecture: business architecture. We're 20 years into enterprise architecture and little more than a decade into TOGAF.

"This problem is not new. We're a new player who has the capability to provide good advice. The core of execution is an architecture team that recognizes they are advice providers, not doers, and they need to provide advice to a leadership team who can execute."