Governance Across the ADM

July 04, 2016

At the Open Group's Austin Conference Heathcare Track, Conexiam Partner Ken Street spoke about Governing Across The Entire ADM

Architecture governance takes work and for any effort your organization.

That said what is the return or value of architecture governance? It is to ensure that your architecture addresses its intended purpose and the concerns of your stakeholders. Governance ensures that all your architecture efforts are providing business value.

What is the purpose your architecture? What stakeholders and which stakeholder concerns is your architecture serving? If you cannot answer these questions, then it is unlikely that your architecture is providing any business value.


It is not enough just to understand your architecture purpose or to know who your stakeholders are and what concerns they have. You need to ensure that your architecture is in compliance with the intended purpose and concerns.

Governance throughout the ADM is the same as governing for implementation. When governing for implementation you want to ensure compliance to the architecture constraints and specifications. When governing the development of architecture, you want to ensure compliance to the architecture purpose and concerns.

During this presentation we will discuss the importance of understanding your architectures purpose and how to determine and be in compliance with the architectures purpose and stakeholder concerns. We will also explore the importance of having clear decision rights and the proper authorities to ensure compliance and of course let’s not forget to cover the importance and the need for across the organization information in support of governance.

Key Takeaways

  • Path to enabling business value with governance when:

    • You are architecting for purpose
    • You are architecting to address your stakeholder’s concerns

  • Accelerating architecture development with Decision Rights and Authorities
  • Importance of Cross Organizational Information in Governance