Deliver Useful Enterprise Architecture

We structure predictable EA delivery engagements around 6-week sprints.

  • Useful EA deliverable
  • Improve your ability to consume good architecture

We use skilled delivery resources, out-of-the-box tooling, crisp delivery oriented method, and realistic training.

We achieved success when a hard problem is tackled. You have a path forward. You know how to assemble a change, and how to govern the change activity.

Each Sprint useful architecture. Typically, we will cover a hard problem at a different level of detail.

  • EA to support Strategy: provide an end-to-end target architecture, and develop roadmaps of change over longer time periods. In this context, architecture is used to identify change initiatives and supporting portfolio and programs.
  • EA to support Portfolio: Deliver EA to support cross-functional, multi-phase, and multi-project change initiatives. In this context, architecture is used to identify projects, set their terms of reference, align their approaches, identify synergies, and govern their execution.
  • EA to support Project: Deliver EA to support the Enterprise’s project delivery method to assure compliance with architectural governance, and to support the integration and alignment between projects.
  • EA to support Solution Deployment: Deliver EA that is used to support solution deployment by defining how the change will be designed and delivered, and finally, act as a governance framework for change.

Architecture delivery projects are a consultant-driven project—Conexiam provides resources (tools, people, method) to ensure success, and deliver useful architecture most efficiently.

We will work with your stakeholders and architecture consumers (sponsors & implementers) to best consume useful enterprise architecture.

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