Establish & Enhance an EA Capability

We structure Predictable EA engagements around 6-week sprints.

Each sprint has 4 themes:

  1. Individual & Team training & mentoring,
  2. Improving your organization's ability to use enterprise architecture
  3. EA Method & tool development,
  4. Useful EA deliverable

Hands-on-learning, out-of-the-box tooling, crisp delivery oriented method. You also get consumable deliverables.

We achieved success when we speed up our customer’s journey to having a high-functioning team.

At the end of Sprint 1 you have a practical enterprise architecture toolkit, method, repository and the skills to use it.

EA capability - Sprint Outcome

Each Sprint delivers on four objectives:

  1. Enhance your EA Capability
    Extend the capability of your organization’s ability to follow an architected approach to problem solving
    Extend the capability to deliver useful architecture aligned to the business cycle.
  2. Improve your ability to use good Architecture
    Extend your organization’s ability to select and govern change
    Extend the ability to capture expected benefits
  3. Enhance your EA toolkit
    Extend the toolkit used to direct & control change, track value realization and develop defensible architecture.
  4. Useful Enterprise Architecture
    Extend the footprint of the architecture in the direction needed to answer your questions and facilitate directing & controlling effective change

EA Capability projects are a joint effort—Conexiam provides backstop resources (tools, people, method) to ensure success, and transfer practical knowledge most efficiently.

We show your team how to provide reliable architecture to continue self-improvement.

Conexiam Navigate

We designed Navigate to address the problem of getting to done.

This method leads to smaller information demands and crisp focus on expected value.

See the customer case study on applying Predictable EA and our EA Capability improvement method.

The EA team's Leader said 'I have gotten more done with my EA Team in the last 6 weeks than I the last 3 years…'

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