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We develop high-functioning EA teams for a living.

We spoke about team development at the Open group conference in San Diego.

Our session was titled (Im)prove Your Value as an Expert Enterprise Architect: Hire a Millennial. Shatter the stereotypes: millennials are not entitled and uncommitted. Actually, they can be just what your EA team needs to stay relevant and accelerated in a knowledge economy. A new architect with the right aptitude and attitude may be what the most experienced architect needs to do better work. Knowledge management can make or break your personal value – if you’re not transferring your experience, then your value is only diminishing. Hear from the young architects and the global EA leaders who hired them.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn how novice architects add critical value to real knowledge management
  • Learn how the most senior architect can leverage a millennial to increase personal productivity and do better enterprise architecture
  • Achieve the ROI that is possible with a new model to EA succession planning. Justify the budget for hiring new architects

Speakers: David Hornford, Samantha Toder, Nathan Hornford

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