Develop your EA Team

We spend over half of our time developing EA teams. Using proven methods to quickly establish high-functioning enterprise architecture teams.

We'll help you develop your EA Team three ways

  1. Do-it-Yourself (DIY) developing your team supported by our free resources
  2. Use our custom enterprise architecture training or on-demand packaged enterprise architecture training
  3. Engage our EA Capability practice will speed up your team development

Design your EA Team to succeed. We suspect you don't have that much time.

How we develop your team

We support you in developing your EA team by providing our tools and techniques or by using our experience, tools, and techniques.

To develop your team, start with your context.

The Embarrassing Question

Are you being re-stood up or re-booted?

We start here. How we approach developing your team is completely different. If your team is being re-booted, you need to know why. How did your predecessor fail? What is the driving force behind the improvement?

Boundary of your Enterprise

What is the boundary encompassed by the Enterprise Architecture and EA Capability?

Know your scope. Do you cover all of your organization? A department? A set of organizations with a common mission? Your entire core supply chain?

How we will design your EA Team is different.

EA Team's purpose

What questions must you answer?

EA Team PurposeHigh functioning EA Teams deliver value. Value is different for different organizations.

Special Circumstances

Are you facing special circumstances?

We need to know if something special is going on. Corporate Restructure or Acquisition & Retrenching. Digital Transformation. Financial crisis. Special circumstances change the rules of the game.

Proven best-practice

Our Predictable EA method isn't a secret. We openly share proven best practices that are peer-reviewed and published by the Open Group as part of the TOGAF Body of Knowledge.

Download the Leader's Guide

Download the EA Capability Reference Architecture

What is your Enterprise

What is the boundary of your Enterprise? Off-the-cuff, it sounds like a simple question to answer. For most EA Teams the question is hard. To answer you need to think about domains, your business operating model, and who you serve.

What is your EA Team Purpose

Everything hangs off what your stakeholders want from an EA Team.

At our broadest, the EA Team will support strategy, portfolio, project, and solution delivery. They address the future state of the business information systems and infrastructure architecture. In this broad case, everything is a variable. The team is supporting the directional statements of the enterprise and frames key solutions. Very few teams have this scope.

At the other extreme, we have the classic IT-oriented architecture team. They’re primarily focused on the delivery of enterprise IT platforms, enterprise applications and infrastructure. The business and objectives are pre-defined. Or, as we say, a constant in the equation.

Your team will live somewhere between these extremes.

Conexiam Consulting Developing your EA Team

We have a layered approach to developing your EA Team.

Enterprise Architect Training & Development

You know the team you want and are looking for support with skills development or TOGAF certification.

Predictable Consulting Services

You want a roadmap to develop your Team, use our EA Capability Workshop.

If you want hands-on support to speed up your EA Team, we suggest our Predictable EA Consulting Engagements. We need to do at least two EA Sprints. The first sprint gets the basics set-up and delivers useful architecture. The second reinforces Conexiam's Predictable EA method and delivers the next useful enterprise architecture.

DIY Developing your Team

Use the same tools as our EA Capability Practice. We make the tools freely available.

Improving your EA Team

Start with thinking about your EA Team's design and configuration.

Improving your Enterprise Architects

Join the Personal EA Kickstart and learn how to be a better enterprise architect in 12 weeks.

If you are looking for EA Professional Development, we offer a free community membership and paid Practical EA Membership. With the paid membership, you get editable templates and regular technique-based webinars.

We have been developing EA Teams for decades. We wrote the industry-best practice. The high-functioning EA Teams we develop have been operating for decades.

Conexiam Predictable EA isn't a secret. We put our proven best practices through peer review. The Open Group published our approach as part of the TOGAF Body of Knowledge. You can download and read it.

Enterprise Architecture Capability ModelWe always start with an open standard Enterprise Architecture Capability Model. Developing your team means aligning it for success.

We provide a layered approach to developing your team

Decide on the support you want to develop your EA Team.

EA Capability Reference

Download the EA Capability Reference Architecture. Follow best-practice Capability-based planning and start with an industry capability model.

EA Team

Get the Leader's Guide to configure your team for success

Enterprise Architect's Guide

Download the Enterprise Architect's Guide a TOGAF Series Guide on developing useful enterprise architecture. test

Join Conexiam's Personal Enterprise Architecture Kickstart

Free 12-week program to be a better enterprise architect

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