Digital Transformation Case Study

What does a high value EA Team do during a Digital Transformation? This digital transformation case study shows how an enterprise architecture team delivers useful advice and drives successful change.

Recorded 15 minute case study, with audience question & answer.

Case starts with a question a System Reliability Engineer asked the Chief Architect

“What is your EA Team going to do in this modern agile world?
Will you even be able to help?”

The answer to the question is the value proposition of enterprise architecture - providing useful advice on how best to change and driving the change to reach the destination.

EA Value in Digital Transformation

Enterprise Architect's Guide

Download the Enterprise Architect's Guide a TOGAF Series Guide on developing useful enterprise architecture. test

What is in the Digital Transformation Case Study

  1. Recorded 15 minute presentation, with audience question and answer
  2. Copy of the slides
  3. Seven Levers of Digital Transformation

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