Enterprise Agility

Enterprise Agility is the ability to react to a threat or opportunity in your environment.

Enterprise agility is a state of being. It is a capability to effectively change.
Enterprise agility has nothing to do with development methods.

Enterprise Agility Need to Manage the Decision Cycle

Enterprise Architecture Decsion Cycle Successful Enterprise Architects manage the decision cycle to help stakeholders with unforeseen circumstances.

Hard problems have a complex cycle getting to a decision. Along the journey, we will many small decisions. All small decisions are subject to review. You need to hold small decisions lightly. They guide our journey they do not constrain it.

More complex decisions mix evidence, intuition, experience, and bargaining into the decision-making process.

Enterprise Agility Model

Characteristics of Enterprise Agility

Alertness: can you detect opportunities and threats?
Accessibility: can you access relevant information in time to respond?
Decisiveness: can you make decisions using the available information?
Swiftness: can you implement your decisions in time available?
Flexibility: what are you doing to reduce the barriers to action? Think of your stretching exercises

Enterpise Agility Examples

What is Enterprise Agility

Enterprise agility is a model for your organization's ability to react to unexpected opportunities and threats.

Organizations with high enterprise agility can change. They can react to the inevitable unexpected challenges and opportunities. Whether the unexpected hits a project, their product, their ecosystem, or the market.

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Enterprise Agility – UA5559 Stuck in Williston

The ability to respond defines enterprise agility.

Real-world examples of an enterprise reacting to the unexpected. Divert a flight for a medical emergency. During the emergency use up medical supplies that must be on-board for take-off.

How does your organization react to a plane-load of passengers stranded at a low-volume airport?

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True Life EA: Agile COVID-19 Response

External opportunities, threats or crises must be dealt with. Being agile means you can respond.

The best agile response advance the business goals, stays nimble, and takes decisive action. Learn practical guidance on what high-functioning Enterprise Architecture Teams deliver for enterprise agility.

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