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Download Agile Enterprise Architecture Report

Agility and Enterprise ArchitectureThe Agile Enterprise Architecture Report is about what Conexiam's EA Capability Development Practice sees in the practice of Enterprise Architecture. Conexiam's Managing Partner keynoted the Agile Enterprise Architecture Field Report.

Agile Enterprise Architecture is real, practical and valuable. We do it every day. Field reports bridge the theoretical concepts and the practice of actually doing the work. Theoretical concepts help us sustain a conversation across our distinct work practices.

At the end-of-the-day, all that matters is actually delivering beneficial architecture and improving our organizations.

Agile Enterprise Architecture Report

Effective EA Teams delivery is continuous and incremental - supporting the decision or action at hand. Architecture work performed after the decision, or after work starts, is simply expensive documentation. At worst, Enterprise Architecture work is misinformed and argues with the decision. Getting ahead of decision-making requires understanding what they need and when.

The work products used to support enterprise strategy decisions are wildly different from those used to guide and constrain agile software delivery. High functioning EA Teams can work across the spectrum.

Effective EA Teams use agile methods to create these work products. Epics, stories, and minimal viable product are simply techniques used to understand what is needed, what we must produce and what they must consume for the decision at hand.

Agile and Enterprise Architecture Work ProductThe suggestion that high functioning EA Teams align their activity to, or directly support agile software development, continues the unfortunate practice of calling IT-centric technology wizards Enterprise Architects. IT-centric technology wizards are not, and never have been, Enterprise Architects, and their work is not EA.
Architecting for Enterprise agility requires understanding the five aspects of enterprise agility, where your enterprise's value proposition is supported by enterprise agility and continually removing the flexibility that prevents agility.

We base our practices on the theoretical concepts embedded in industry best practice, open frameworks and reference models. This field report bridges to the day-to-day activities that direct hundreds of millions of spend on digital transformation.

Key Takeaways in the Agile Enterprise Architecture Report

  1. Agile EA is use of agile methods to develop EA, use of EA to guide agile development or architecting an Agile Enterprise
  2. Good architecture to support strategy development, portfolio & project planning and solution delivery is ahead of decision
  3. Simple approach to use agile methods for developing enterprise architecture

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