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Download TOGAF Case Study

Download the TOGAF Case Study to see an example developing an EA Capability and useful architecture at the same time.

Conexiam ConsultingOpen Group Presentation of Agile Enterprise Architecture Case Study uses Predictable EA. 6-week sprints that develop your in-house enterprise architecture team. Each sprint has 4 themes:

  1. Individual & Team training & mentoring,
  2. Improving your organization's ability to use enterprise architecture
  3. EA Method & tool development,
  4. Useful EA deliverable

TOGAF Architecture Case Study

We present this case study jointly with our customer. It covers the first two sprints.

Conexiam's TOGAF-based Predictable Enterprise Architecture method improved the EA Team and delivered useful enterprise architecture. The background to the case is a Digital Transformation journey. This case is about how, not what. We speak to how we developed the team and the enterprise architecture. How the architecture guided and constrained agile software development. We do not speak about what the journey is.

TOGAF Enterprise Architecture - agile method & agile development

TOGAF and agile are natural fits. For decades TOGAF said 'iterative.' Today we say 'agile.' Agile usually means supporting agile software development. We also use agile methods to develop enterprise architecture. The case covers both. Create the conditions for successful Digital Transformation using agile software development, guide and constrain agile software development, and use iterative methods for Predictable EA.

Digital Transformation based on 7-levers Digital Transformation

We used the 7 levers for Digital Transformation to guide the organizational transformation..
Download the Seven Levers of Digital Transformation

Included in the TOGAF Case Study

  1. Downloadable TOGAF Case Study Presentation
  2. Supporting Material available from Conexiam's free EA Community
    • Video presentation
    • Conexiam EA Capability Development Tools

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