Conexiam EA Community Launch

Conexiam Consulting shares how we develop powerful enterprise architecture and build high-functioning EA Teams. This weekend we will improve our sharing. Learn more about the levels in our EA Community.

EA Community Launch - Accidents along the way I commit us to your learning. If you have online learning from Conexiam, you keep access when we change systems. Personal EA Kickstart, Leader's Kickstart, TOGAF Essentials, EA & GRC or TOGAF 9 training course it does not matter.

When we change systems we do the work to maintain your access.

Getting the new system working has been a journey. Digital transformation, strategic change, mergers, platform simplification - we got that. WordPress & Mailchimp nearly overcame us.

One of our guiding lights is you need to know how commercial software thinks about the world. You will never change how it thinks. You must change how you think. Getting a few WordPress plugins to work together to provide on-line training, membership access, email integration. OMG!

The EA Community is free. We want to help you be a better architect. We think the free material is pretty good. After all, we wrote the Practitioner’s Guide to developing architecture and the Leader’s Guide to establishing an EA Team. They are the fundamental guidance on using TOGAF.

We want to help you be a better architect. Join our free EA Community

The EA Community supports ongoing professional development. It complements our formal training. We will be continually releasing Predictable EA method, tools, and techniques.

Our consulting team skates right by cryptic pointers, customer names, and gaps in our material. We fix those limitations before including them in the EA Community.

Enterprise Architect's Guide

Download the Enterprise Architect's Guide a TOGAF Series Guide on developing useful enterprise architecture.

Online EA with TOGAF & Navigate is also launching. We use our practical EA training when we build EA Teams. Now available without a consulting engagement.

To celebrate the launch, we have a mega sale for EA with TOGAF & Navigate and TOGAF 9 Training Course—with our launch we are offering 60% discount for practical EA, and 50% off our certified TOGAF course.

Oh, we'll maintain for a few weeks to ensure that anyone finishing TOGAF certification doesn't need to switch learning platforms.

We all know that digital transformation needs a different IT organization. Monday, we’ll put how we re-architect and re-design Information Technology departments in EA Community. Our first EA Community how-to that extends a public post on how we re-architect a modern IT organization.

I'm excited about the opportunities the new platform will provide.

Dave, Conexiam Managing Partner

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