Business Architecture

What is business architecture? Business architecture explains the complexity of an organization in terms that allow stakeholders to select and govern improvement. The business architecture allows the stakeholder to see how the organization's design, operations, business model and ability to execute meet its objectives.

Business architecture is used to understand and change the organization. It is not a method to translate the organization and operations so others may change.

What is Business Architecture

A business architecture will explain the operating model, organization, operational practices, and information flow of the enterprise. For commercial companies it will explain the market position, key products and services, differentiation, and market strategy. It will cover mandate for government, or public sector, enterprises.

The job exists for a reason. To improve your organization's ability to make effective change. Select the right change. Direct and control the change.

What is a Business Architect

A Business Architect is a domain specialist. Within an Enterprise Architecture team, they develop the business architecture. Business architects help stakeholders understand the deficiencies of their organization and how to improve them.

Business architect jobs exist to

Make the most effective use of change energy
Improve your organization’s ability to change

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Business Architecture Training

Custom business architecture training optimized for the work of your business architects. Available to support strategic change, digital transformation, divisional improvement, or as general business architecture capability development.

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What is Business Architecture

Business Architecture is one part of a complete enterprise architecture. It is used to guide change, and serves as a foundation for all other domains.

Whether to change & what to change?
How to change?
What to leave alone?
How to deal with failing change?

You use business architecture when you have a wicked problem. Problems that defy simple apple-to-apples comparison or consistent selection criteria.

Business Architecture is guides choice and delivers constraint.

Stakeholders use the business architecture development process to understand the implications of theor options and select the best option. That option constrains everyone making change in the organization.

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