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Conexiam Enterprise Architecture Consulting does two things:

We are a specialist enterprise architecture consultancy. We have experience in multiple industry verticals across the US, Canada, South America, Africa and the Middle East.

Conexiam has established a sound practice of predictable enterprise architecture. Predictable enterprise architecture delivery. Predictable EA Team development.

Predictable enterprise architecture is based on fixed periods of time. Known deliverables. Known Work products. We can't tell you what needs to change to meet your objectives. We can tell you how we will confirm what you want, what keeps you from having what you want, and what must change.

Predictable Enterprise Architecture Approach

Conexiam has established a sound practice of developing architecture predictably.

It is straightforward. We use Kanban knowledge manufacturing to enable predictable enterprise architecture.

Knowledge manufacturing requires:

  1. Knowing what stakeholders expect
  2. Knowing how to develop the knowledge to provide good advice
  3. Knowing how to engage stakeholders to decide
  4. Mange our time

Solve the Real Problem

We design every Predictable Enterprise Architecture Consulting engagement to provide useful enterprise architecture deliverables

The test of useful is critical. Enterprise architecture is an analytical profession. It always works with ambiguity. An enterprise architect could always know more, explore more, extend their analysis further. However, stakeholder can never be sure. They need to decide. Then act. Enterprise architects must provide useful guidance in time to act.

This requires getting to done. Done means the architecture is fit-for-purpose. Done means our stakeholders can have confidence deciding what change to make.

Predictable Enterprise Architecture Consulting Engagements

We use 6-week blocks of time—enough time for information gathering, analysis, feedback and completion of useful architecture artifacts. Soon enough to get to the end-of-job.

We use out-of-the-box tooling, a team of experts who smoothly work together, and a sustainable EA Repository.

We will have achieved success on these projects when we deliver good architecture. Architecture that is demonstrably based on goals, objectives, and stakeholder preferences. Architecture that addresses the question at hand.

Each Predictable Enterprise Architecture Consulting Engagement will do one of two things:

Public Enterprise Architecture Consultancy Method

We are so confident about our Predictable Enterprise Architecture Consulting Approach that we give it away.

Download Conexiam Enterprise Consulting Method

Read Conexiam Enterprise Architecture Consulting How-to Advice

Watch Conexiam Enterprise Architecture Consulting Case Studies

Take the Free 12-Week Enterprise Architect Kickstart Program

We are so confident about our method being the best-in-class industry standard that we let our peers review it. Seriously, we donated our method to The Open Group, who put it through the consensus process for peer review.

Our approach to developing Enterprise Architecture Teams is the Leader's Guide to Developing EA Teams (TOGAF Series Guide),

Our approach to developing enterprise architecture scales. Our approach addresses strategy questions. Portfolio planning. Project execution and Solution Delivery. It is publicly available in the Practitioners' Guide to Delivering Enterprise Architecture (TOGAF Series Guide).

Our approach to executing a Digital Transformation. It is publicly available as The Seven Levers of Digital Transformation. The government of China is adopting the Seven Levers of Digital Transformation as a standard.

Open Enterprise Architecture Consultancy Method

We believe that complex problems can be solved.

We provide straightforward answers.

We demystify enterprise architecture. Our method is open. Everything we own is freely available through a Creative Commons license. You can take it, change it, distribute it.

Develop your EA Team

Develop Your Enterprise Architecture Team

Every effort to build a stronger enterprise architecture team needs  to do three things:

  1. Improve your enteprise architect's skills
  2. Develop your enterprise architecture method
  3. Enhance your organization's use of architecture

The right skills, method, and use are all driven by three questions to build an enterprise architecture team.

First, the embarrassing question. "Are you being re-stood up or re-booted?"

Second, scope. "What is the boundary of your enterprise?"

Third, purpose. "What is your Enterprise Architecture Use Case?"

Conexiam Develop Your Enterprise Architecture Capability Service

Following the Predictable Enterprise Architecture Approach, we use a fixed block of time. Each time block delivers on four objectives:

1. Enhance your Enterprise Architecture Skills

We improve your team's skills. We use individual & team training. Hands-on coaching. Mentoring of specific skills and approaches.

2. Improve your organization's ability to use good architecture

Most organizations need to strengthen their decision making and governance. We do this by improving the team's engagement. Ensuring the team understands the business cycle. Then improving engagement on problem solving and decision making. We know we are succeeding when we work on improving benefit capture.

3. Focus your Enterprise Architecture Method and Toolkit

Enterprise architecture development always starts with problem definition. Then information gathering and analysis. Then trade-off conversations with stakeholders. Then planning for change. It's the TOGAF ADM - Phase A to Phase F.

We make sure that your method and your time management drive to problem solving. Your toolkit will capture useful information. We focus on information management.

4. Develop Useful Enterprise Architecture

Improvement without output is a theoretical exercise. We are not theoretical. We teach, improve, and do at the same time. Every measurable time-block needs to create useful enterprise architecture deliverables. Your team will see their work being consumed to change your organization.

A six-week block of time is long enough. We have time to work a problem and demonstrate team improvement. You control the pace of change by deciding how far we need to go.

Conexiam Enterprise Architecture Team Development Advisory Service

Many of our clients use an advisory approach to developing their architecture team. We work with you and your people to deliver continuous incremental improvement.

improvement concept with business elements drawn on blackboard

Deliver Enterprise Architecture Consulting Services

Sometimes you just need useful enterprise architecture developed. We do that.

We work in fixed time-blocks. We start with identifying the problem - why we are in the room? Which basic enterprise architecture use case applies?

We use a structured work plan:

  1. What is the question?
  2. Who are the stakeholders?
  3. What information do we need?
  4. What analysis do we need?
  5. What work products will help our stakeholders understand their choices?

Then we execute. We use a Kanban knowledge manufacturing approach. Following Kanban's best practices, we break the work down. Each work product will have an accountable resource and due date.

Enterprise Architecture Delivery Consulting Services are consultant-driven projects. Conexiam provides resources (tools, people, method) to ensure success. We deliver useful architecture.

We follow an open enterprise architecture consulting method. We add high skill resources to predictable work.

Conexiam Enterprise Architecture Delivery Advisory Service

Many of our clients use an advisory approach to fill gaps in their enterprise architecture team. We provide resources to fill gaps while you develop your team. We also provide long-term resources for specialist skills that you need, but cannot sustain full time.

Conexiam Enterprise Architecture Consulting Workshops

Alot of enterprise architecture delivery is, well, predictable. We have a set of packaged workshops that address point services. A few focused days and you have a measurable output that moves your organization forward.

Conexiam Enterprise Architecture Consulting Services

Read Conexiam Enterprise Architecture Consulting How-to

We would love to hear from you.


We develop successful Enterprise Architecture Teams

Developing your EA Team is a deliberate process. Random activity will not create a working complex system in your lifetime. We suspect you don't have that much time.

Design your EA Team to succeed.


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