Predictable Enterprise Architecture

Conexiam has established a sound practice of developing architecture predictably. We adapt Kanban knowledge manufacturing and agile practices to enable predictable enterprise architecture.

We base kanban knowledge manufacturing on known deliverables and manage our work with a product owner and backlog.

High functioning EA Teams know what we expect them to deliver - they have clarity of purpose.

Understanding the purpose of the architecture engagement, and what information is required allows Conexiam to tailor the architecture deliverables. Conexiam has developed a Predictable EA approach using fixed periods of time with known deliverables and work product.

Solve the Hard Probem

We design every Predictable EA engagement to provide useful enterprise architecture deliverables

The test of useful is critical. We base enterprise architecture upon analysis – the architect can always know more, explore more, extend the analysis a bit further. To be useful, the architecture must be available in time.

This requires getting to done. Done means the architecture is fit-for-purpose.

We are done when our stakeholders can have confidence deciding what change to make.

Predictable EA engagements use 6-week sprints—enough time for information gathering, analysis, feedback and completion of useful architecture artifacts. Soon enough to get to end-of-job.

We provide out-of-the-box tooling, a team of experts who smoothly work together, and a sustainable EA Repository.

We will have achieved success on these projects when we deliver good architecture. Architecture that is demonstrably based on goals, objectives, and stakeholder preferences. Architecture that addresses the question at hand.

Architecture that guides future work.

Time-boxed Approach

In & out in six-weeks.

Each six-week sprint works to one or more deliverables.

We start with identifying the problem - why we are in the room.

We breakdown the deliverables into work product. Each work product will have an accountable resource and due date.

Team Development or EA delivery

We use Predictable EA to deliver sound enterprise architecture, or develop your EA Team.

Long-Term Advisory

Advisory engagements do not follow the Predictable EA method.

Conexiam Navigate

We designed Navigate to address the problem of getting to done.

This method leads to smaller information demands and crisp focus on expected value.

Predictable EA Capability engagements use the Navigate EA Capability Atlas

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EA Capability Reference Architecture
EA with TOGAF & Navigate Online Training

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