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Download Seven Levers of Digital Transformation

Download Seven Levers of Digital Transformation. Learn the levers. Gain control of successful outcomes on your Digital Transformation journey. Each lever is a different aspect of digital transformation. In order to succeed, you need to […]

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Download the Leader’s Guide

Download the Leader’s Guide. Every EA Team must be configured. Without deliberate configuration, you are hoping random action will build a optimized complex business capability. The guide uses the comprehensive and consistent guidance for EA […]

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Download the Practitioner’s Guide

Download the Practitioner’s Guide. TOGAF provides essential scaffolding for enterprise architecture. The Practitioner’s Guide takes universal concepts and illuminates how to use them to deliver enterprise architecture. Consistent guidance for EA Practitioners. Practical, every-day use […]

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Download Agile Enterprise Architecture Report

The Agile Enterprise Architecture Report is about what Conexiam’s EA Capability Development Practice sees in the practice of Enterprise Architecture. Conexiam’s Managing Partner keynoted the Agile Enterprise Architecture Field Report. Agile Enterprise Architecture is real, […]

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Download TOGAF and SABSA Integration

TOGAF and SABSA Integration Guide was written by the SABSA Institute and the Open Group’s Architecture Forum. This work looked at the world’s leading Security Architecture method and TOGAF to ensure that leading enterprise architects […]

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Download EA Capability Reference Architecture

Every EA Team is unique. Every EA Team is consistent. We base every EA Team on the Navigate EA Capability Reference Architecture. Speed up establishing and enhancing your unique EA Team. Deliberately configure your EA […]

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Download Architecture Governor’s Guide

The Architecture Governor’s Guide divides governance activity into approval of the target architecture, and implementation governance. Governance is a “system by which an organization is directed, overseen and held accountable for achieving its defined purpose” […]

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Download SABSA Whitepaper

The SABSA Whitepaper summarizes SABSA. SABSA is a method for developing risk-driven enterprise information security and information assurance architectures. It is an open standard, comprising several frameworks, models, methods and processes, free for use by all, […]

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Download SOA Practical Architecture Guide

The SOA Practical Guide supports optimizing an EA Team’s method to support an architecture based on services, which mirror real-world business activities, comprising the enterprise business processes. Building an enterprise architecture around services, business and […]

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Download Agile Enterprise Architecture Case Study

Download the Agile Enterprise Architecture Case Study to see an example developing an EA Capability and useful architecture at the same time. Conexiam Consulting uses time-boxed engagements that develop your in-house enterprise architecture team. Every […]

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The TOGAF Body of Knowledge provides guidance use the TOGAF framework in different circumstances. The framework is universal. The application of the framework will be different in different circumstances.

This curated archive includes the TOGAF Body of Knowledge we use in our enterprise architecture development. The Open Group maintains the complete TOGAF Library.

TOGAF 9.2 Structure ChangeToday the Body of Knowledge includes current best practice (Leader’s Guide, the Enterprise Architects’ Guide, the Security Guide, and the SOA Practical Guide). When we contributed best-practices from Conexiam Navigate and Predictable EA, we had to convert our approach to a more generic approach.

In our EA Community we provide more tangible and actionable material.


True Life EA Webinar: Agile COVID-19 Response

True Life EA Webinar: Agile COVID-19 Response Learn from a real-world case study of an Agile Covid-19 Response. How an enterprise architecture team led an agile enterprise  response. The major corporation not only survived but […]

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TOGAF Phase H – Applying Agile

TOGAF Phase H – Applying Agile The TOGAF Phase H objective is awkward. What it means is that you need an activity assessing value and risk information. Then you need to be able to react. […]

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