Three paths to a successful Enterprise Architecture Team

Three paths to a successful EA Team. Each path can create a successful team. Different paths take diverse skills, energy, and resources.

You can engage experts, train your team, or do-it-yourself.

You know how much time you have to develop a successful EA Team before there is another reboot.

Path To Success

Predictable EA engagements use 6-week time boxes—long enough for information gathering, analysis, feedback and completion of useful architecture. Soon enough to get to end-of-job.

We provide out-of-the-box tooling, a team of experts who smoothly work together, and a sustainable EA Repository.

Path One - Engage Experts

When you are in a hurry to have a successful EA Team

The first path to paths to a successful Enterprise Architecture Team is engaing experts. Conexiam EA Consulting lives and works around the globe. We have deep experience in capital-intensive, finance, manufacturing and high-tech verticals. We have established teams for century-old organizations and start-ups. Some of the first EA teams we helped establish are still delivering value.

Time-boxed path to a successful EA Team

In & out in six-weeks. Each six-week engagement does four things:

  1. Ensures delivery of useful architecture by your team
  2. Improves the ability of your organization to use good architecture
  3. Builds your EA practice through method, technique, and documentation
  4. Develops your people

We Start with the Hard Problem

We start with identifying the problem - why we are in the room.

We breakdown the deliverables into work product. Each work product will have an accountable resource and due date.

The test of useful is critical. We base enterprise architecture upon analysis—the architect can always know more, explore more, extend the analysis further. To be useful, the architecture must be available on time.

We achieve success when your team delivers useful architecture. Architecture that addresses the question at hand. Architecture that helps your stakeholders change your company.

Path Two - Train your Team

Enterprise Architect technique and other critical skills

The second path to a successful Enterprise Architecture Team is training your Team.

The best training will cover specific enterprise architecture skills. The standard topics including business architecture, security architecture, modelling, analysis, using reference architecture.

We extend our training to cover working with others and thinking skills

  • Problem solving
  • Decision making
  • Critical thinking
  • Job task planning and organization

Our training is rounded out with individual Enterprise Architect mentoring. We will work with an architect over 6 months to help them work through successful delivery of useful enterprise architecture.

DIY Path to success

Path Three - Do-it-Yourself

What type of change do you support?

Build an enterprise architecture team around purpose to ensure success.

At one extreme, you will support strategy. Everything is a variable. The EA Team supports the directional statements of the enterprise and frames key change.

At the other extreme, a classic IT-oriented architecture team focused on the enterprise IT platforms, applications and infrastructure. Here, most things are constants in the equation.

Avoid simple Enterprise Architecture Maturity assessments that assume a purpose.

Your team will live somewhere between these extremes.

Do it Yourself Path to a Successful Enterprise Architecture Team

Top-to-bottom guidance for building an effective enterprise architecture team

Industry Standard EA Capability Reference Model

Specialized guidance for building a government EA Team to support a significant initiative

Find the Purpose that generates the most value

Paths to a Successful EA Team Case Studies

All three paths to a successful Enterprise Architecture Team work. They use the same way - serve your stakeholders and help them make and execute the decisions for the best available future.

Use experts to speed your journey to a successful EA Team? Book a call at a time to suit your schedule

Take the fastest path to a successful EA Team, Predictable Enterprise Architecture Consulting Engagements. In fixed time blocks, we will develop your team and ensure they deliver useful architecture.

Use our custom and packaged training. Comprehensive Enterprise Architecture Training, TOGAF Certification Training, or specialized skills like Stakeholder Engagement.

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