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TOGAF 9 Online Training course. On line, on demand training for TOGAF certification.

One course - One experience - Three TOGAF Certification Exam options

Learn to pass the TOGAF certification exams and put TOGAF to use.

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TOGAF the Video (Foundation)
Foundation Exam Option
Level 1 Foundation Exam
On-line On-demand training
Conexiam EA Community Membership
Proceed at your own pace
Support passing the exam. Re-takes included.
TOGAF the video (Combined)
Combined Level 1 & 2 Exam Option
Foundation & Certified exams back-to-back
On-line On-demand training
Conexiam EA Community Membership
Proceed at your own pace
Support passing the exam. Re-takes included.
TOGAF the video (Separate)
Separate Exam Option
Separate Foundation & Certified exams
On-line On-demand training
Conexiam EA Community Membership
Proceed at your own pace
Support passing the exam. Re-takes included.

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All exam options have the same training

TOGAF 9 Training Course Outline

Module 1 Introduction to TOGAF the video Course
Unit 1 TOGAF the video Course Introduction
Unit 2 Enterprise Architecture Profession Overview
Module 2 Introduction to Enterprise Architecture
Unit 1 What is an "Enterprise Architecture"
Unit 2 The TOGAF 9.2 Standard Overview
Module 3 Enterprise Architecture Capability
Unit 1 Enterprise Architecture Capability (TOGAF Preliminary Phase)
Module 4 Exercise 1 | Assessing an Enterprise Architecture Capability
Unit 1 Exercise 1 | Assessing alignment of an EA Team to the Enterprise need
Module 5 Practical EA Case Study
Unit 1 Introduction to Case Study
Module 6 TOGAF 9.2 Architecture Development Method
Unit 1 TOGAF 9.2 ADM Summary
Module 7 Using the Enterprise Architecture
Unit 1 Start at the End - TOGAF Phase G and TOGAF Phase H
Module 8 Understanding Stakeholder and Enteprise Motivation
Unit 1 Capturing the Motivation - TOGAF 9.2 Phase A (Architecture Vision)
Unit 2 Exercise 2 | Understand Enterprise & Divisional motivations
Module 9 Enterprise Architecture Governance
Unit 1 Enterprise Architecture Governance Introduction
Unit 2 Exercise 3 | Evaluate the Architecture Principles
Unit 3 Architecture Stakleholders Theory
Unit 4 Exercise | NA Construction Request for Architecture Work
Unit 5 Exercise 4 | Identifying your Stakeholders and their Concerns
Module 10 Enterprise Architecture Development
Unit 1 Phase B - Business Architecture
Unit 2 Exercise 5 | Develop "Information-based Project Controls" Business Architecture
Unit 3 Phase C - Information Systems Architecture (Application and Data Architecture)
Unit 4 Exercise 6 | Develop Information Systems Architecture (Application & Data)
Unit 5 Views and ViewPoints
Unit 6 Exercise 7 | Communicate with Stakeholder and create Architecture View
Unit 7 Phase D - Technology Architecture
Unit 8 Exercise Optional | Develop the Technology Architecture
Module 11 Security Architecture and Enterprise Risk
Unit 1 Security Architecture and Enterprise Risk
Unit 2 Exercise 8 | Security Architecture and Requirements Management using the SABSA Business Attributes Profile
Module 12 Target (Architecture Roadmap and Implementation Plan)
Unit 1 Target Architecture - Developing an integrated Target Architecture
Unit 2 Exercise 9 | Describe the Target Architecture
Unit 3 Planning Change - TOGAF Phase E Architecture Roadmap and TOGAF Phase F Implementation Plan
Unit 4 Exercise 10 | Develop the Enterprise Architecture roadmap
Module 13 TOGAF 9.2 Certification Exam Preparation
Unit 1 TOGAF 9.2 Certification Preparation
Unit 2 Optional - TOGAF Certification Exam Preparation Workshop
Module 14 Course Closure
Unit 1 TOGAF the Video Course Close
Unit 2 Putting the TOGAF 9.2 Standard to Practical Use
Unit 3 Conexiam Practical Enterprise Architecture Tools

TOGAF, the video FAQ

Use TOGAF9-15 coupon for 15% off of TOGAF the video

TOGAF 9.2 Certification Preparation

Enterprise Architecture How-To Training

Community EA Membership

Training includes

  • TOGAF 9 Training course lectures
  • Training slide materials
  • TOGAF 9 Certification hand-out
  • TOGAF 9 Foundation (Level 1) Certification Sample exam
  • TOGAF 9 Foundation (Level 2) Certification Sample exam
  • Dedicated Foundation (Level 1) & Certified (Level 2) exam preparation

Training includes

  • Real-world Case study
  • Business Architecture exercise
  • Application Architecture exercise
  • Data Architecture exercise
  • Security Architecture Exercise
  • Technology Architecture exercise
  • Roadmap exercise
  • Pre-build Navigate-based Enterprise Architecture Repository
  • Conexiam Navigate Templates

Membership includes

Conexiam Training Terms and Conditions


Payment Policy: Payment for course fees must be made to Conexiam in advance of the course start date. Payment either by Credit card (Stripe & PayPal, EFT or cheque.

Discounts: Only one discount can be applied to any one purchase.

Currency: All prices without a specific currency are US dollars. Fees are charged in United States dollars (USD). Payment by credit card will have currency converted by your credit card company. Conexiam is not responsible for fluctuations in exchange rates.

Taxes: Applicable taxes will be applied to your invoice.

Certification Training Offered

The Open Group takes care in accreditation. We have one accredited training product accredited by the Open Group, TOGAF 9 Training Course. Training products may have more than one delivery method.

TOGAF: Our accredited course is: TOGAF 9 Training Course.
You can examine the accreditation certificate at the Open Group's website:

We use TOGAF and other open standards in many of our training products, exactly as we use these standards in our management consulting. Use in general training is through our commercial license. The Open Group provides no accreditation for any use.

Certification Exam Vouchers

TOGAF certification exam vouchers: Where an examination voucher is provided payment is required and training must have commenced before Conexiam will release the exam voucher. Once issued, exam vouchers are non-refundable.

TOGAF Certification exam vouchers are issued by the Open Group and subject to their terms and conditions.

Quality Guarantee

In-Person 100% Guarantee: At Conexiam, we believe we offer the best possible enterprise architecture training. If, upon completion of the first day of classroom training, you are not satisfied with the course simply notify the instructor, return all course materials, and contact Conexiam at by end of business day in order to receive a 100% refund or to apply the money to other future training courses. This guarantee only applies if a student completes the first full day of class and signs the class roster. All training materials must remain with the instructor at the time of withdrawal. This guarantee does not apply to video course products.

Video Training Guarantee: Cancellation and refund are only available prior to accessing any video course materials.
Please review the online TOGAF 9 Training course sample.

Cancellation of credit card payments may incur an additional administrative charge of 10%.

Video Training

On Demand streaming video training: Our video training is streamed. Lectures are recorded and available on demand. We use Vimeo - with this technology we can provide full distance education, self-study video training with the normal slide course material.

We suggest that the sample be examined to ensure your technology supports the on-demand streaming. See TOGAF 9 Training course sample.

Term for video courses: Purchase payment gives you a personal non-exclusive, non-transferable license to access one video course for 12 months measured from the first day of the month following purchase. Transferring or sharing your access with anyone else is a violation of the licensing agreement and is subject to legal action.

Training Materials

Changes to products and programs: Conexiam reserves the right to change fees, instructors, registration terms and conditions, and to alter at any time any of the products or programs described on this website. Conexiam also reserves the right to change a course location or cancel a course at any time without notice or liability. Conexiam's sole liability will be limited to refunding fees paid in respect of a course and Conexiam shall not be responsible for any incidental or consequential loss associated with a change in course location or a course cancellation. Conexiam will endeavour to give registrants as much advance notice as possible of any change to their enrolments.

Conexiam Training Materials: All training materials are prepared, maintained, updated and distributed by Conexiam. Conexiam may make improvements or other changes to training materials at any time without prior notification.

Conexiam is certified by The Open Group as a supplier of TOGAF® Accredited Courses. Conexiam submits course materials to The Open Group for accreditation.

In-Person Courses

We do not offer public in-person courses. In our EA Capability development we use on-line training for structured courses. We find online structured courses allow us maximum time to provide one-one and hands-on mentoring.

Private Training

We regularly offer Private training. In order to comply with accreditation terms, our accredited training programs may not be modified for private courses.

Private Locations: Where Conexiam provides a facility, Conexiam will email you details of the course location. Please contact to confirm specific training locations and double-check these before embarking for your course as locations occasionally change for reasons beyond our control.

Private Course Schedule: Standard classroom learning courses run from 9 a.m. to 4:30 pm with a 15-minute break mid-morning and mid-afternoon and a 50-minute lunch break. Hours may vary between courses. Inquire for specific details.

Private Cancellation: Our contract for private training includes change and cancellation terms. Our instructors are active enterprise architect consultants and have limited last-minute flexibility.


License Agreement: All Conexiam courses are copyrighted. Any unauthorized duplication is not permitted. Students are permitted to maintain a single copy of the course materials for their personal use.

Navigate materials: Most Conexiam courses use materials and templates from Navigate. Conexiam Navigate resources are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

3rd Party materials: 3rd party materials used in our courses may be licensed separately. At a minimum students will have equivalent license privileges to Navigate materials.

Terms & Condition Change

Change: Pricing, registration terms, and conditions are subject to change without notice.

Use TOGAF9-15 coupon for 15% off of TOGAF the video

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