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TOGAF® 9 Training Course

Take a major step to be a better enterprise architect

TOGAF 9 Training Course

TOGAF 9 Training Course, including TOGAF Certification exam $1,099... Learn to pass the TOGAF Certification exams. Learn how to put the TOGAF Standard to use. Use the online TOGAF 9 Training Course to prepare for the TOGAF Certification examinations.

We have helped thousands of people reach their potential

Delivery optimized for English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Hindi & Chinese readers. Special online video delivery to China.

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TOGAF 9 Training Course Questions

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TOGAF 9 Training Course


TOGAF 9 Training Course Works the Way You Do

Online TOGAF training. Available on demand. Take your training when you are available, 24x7 anywhere the internet goes.

TOGAF certification exam support. We teach the examinable learning outcomes, include sample exams and study guides.

Besides training to pass the TOGAF Certification examination, you will learn to use the TOGAF Standard. We teach you how to use the TOGAF framework through practical exercises. We use a real-world case study drawn from a Conexiam consulting project.

TOGAF 9 Training course accredited by The Open Group. Accreditation provides assurance that you will learn what is necessary to pass the TOGAF certification exams.

Why Conexiam's TOGAF 9 Training Course

We use the TOGAF Standard to deliver transformative architecture. We develop best-in-class EA Teams that use the TOGAF Standard. We have contributed our thought leadership on best-practice enterprise architecture by writing TOGAF Series Guides. We built our training course to teach you to the knowledge to pass the TOGAF Certification examinations, and to be a better architect.

We think the choice of training provider is obvious.

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TOGAF Framework provides essential scaffolding

Every enterprise architecture project, and every enterprise architecture team, is different. The concepts are universal.

Take the training to learn the essential scaffolding.

Take a major step on your journey to be a better enterprise architect.

TOGAF 9 Training Course FAQ

TOGAF 9 Training Course Testimonial

Conexiam's TOGAF training has been hailed by enterprise architects globally

Pass the exam

I passed with near perfect score! Your training material is extremely helpful. Thank you for all the help.

Maggie, Chief Architect, Power Distribution & Transmission

Improve yourself

I have gotten more done with my EA Team in the last 6 weeks than I would have in the last 3 years…

Tom, Chief Architect, Business Services

Adapt to your schedule

While I got off to a slow start due largely to work commitments and a healthy dose of procrastination I really enjoyed and appreciated the content and delivery style of your video training course.

Brandon, Consultant, Global Consulting Services Provider

Nabbing that shiny certification

I took my TOGAF certification exams today. The videos really helped me to kick-start my understanding of the way TOGAF approaches things.

Stephen, Consultant, Regional Consulting Firm

Real life application

The videos are GREAT ... I feel it applies more to real life application rather than exam preparation.

Augustine, Senior Enterprise Architect, Consulting Firm

Conexiam Enterprise Architecture Thought Leadership

Get trained by a leading Enterprise Architecture consulting organization. We freely share our industry leading techniques and practices. We actively contribute to the development of the TOGAF Standard.

We think the choice of your training provider is obvious.

Do you want to get TOGAF Certification?

TOGAF Certification is simple. Pass The Open Group's exams:

  • TOGAF 9 Foundation (Level 1) you have knowledge of the TOGAF standard's terminology, structure, and basic concepts.
  • TOGAF 9 Certified (Level 2) you can analyze and apply the TOGAF Foundation knowledge.

TOGAF Certification shows that you know the TOGAF Standard. Prepare for TOGAF Certification by self-study or take accredited training.

TOGAF Certification Benefits

TOGAF Certification is used by the world’s leading enterprises to certify a common body of core knowledge about enterprise architecture.

TOGAF certification is demonstrates to employers and peers your commitment to enterprise architecture as a profession

An outstanding career move in the career of any Enterprise Architect

TOGAF 9 Training Course includes

Ongoing practical support

A free online community supported by Conexiam. Put the TOGAF standard to practical use.

Hands-on coaching, examples and templates from our famous content framework Navigate, and Predictable EA method.

Share exactly what we use in our consulting engagements.

Training about the TOGAF Standard, version 9.2


Online TOGAF 9 Training Course. On-demand video training lectures and exercises. Study guides and official sample exams to prepare for TOGAF 9.2 certification exams.

Learn at your pace

Online video-based TOGAF 9 Training Course.
You control the pace. You control the class times. You control your learning.
Learn at your convenience, even while shaving.

View a Sample Lesson

Enterprise Architect Practical Training


Hands-on exercises using a case study from a Conexiam consulting project. Real-world case study used to teach practical use of the TOGAF framework to deliver enterprise architecture.
Course delivered by the authors of TOGAF Series Practitioners' Guide, Leader's Guide, and SOA Practical Guide.

Help Online

Our consultants are available to answer questions about the TOGAF Standard, Learning Objectives, practical enterprise architecture questions.

What can we help you with today?

Enterprise Architecture Professional Tools


Free membership in Conexiam's DIY professional development EA Community.
Access to all EA Community ongoing professional development. Navigate templates, and Predictable EA techniques.
Discounted Detailed How-To Enterprise Architecture Training when you want to go further.

Enterprise Architecture Training for your EA Team or your organization

Supercharge your organization's learning and development with an award-winning training provider. Contact us today for a FREE quote!

Industry leading enterprise architecture training

You will receive the best training possible from an organization that builds high-functioning EA Teams and delivers enterprise architecture.

Blended learning

Combine online, with traditional classroom, dedicated mentoring and augmentation during enterprise architecture development.

We will build a training program to fit your needs

Predictable Enterprise Architecture EA Team Development

We range from providing packaged training, customized training, mentoring and professional development to leading your EA Team's development. We will take accountability for the development of your EA Team and delivery of useful enterprise architecture.

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