TOGAF Content Framework

The TOGAF Content Framework provides the essential scaffolding to describe an enterprise architecture.

Look at the questions your enterprise architects are expected to support, then map out the what information you need, what documents you produce and build a functional repository.

TOGAF Content Framework and other Enterprise Architecture Frameworks

TOGAF is modular. All of the essential scaffolding of TOGAF needs to be configured. The TOGAF Content Framework is no different.

The best Content Frameworks help an enterprise architecture team capture and use the information they need to address their questions.


TOGAF vs SABSA is a false dichotomy. SABSA is the world's leading Security architecture framework. TOGAF provides the  essential scaffolding for enterprise architecture.

he TOGAF and SABSA Integration Paper started the journey.

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TOGAF vs. BIAN? The question makes little sense. TOGAF is a modular framework for enterprise architecture. BIAN is an industry reference model that replaces most of the TOGAF Content Framework for high performing financial organizations.

How would they conflict?

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TOGAF Content Framework and Enterprise Architecture

The TOGAF Content Framework classifies the information needed to develop a simplified description of the complex real-world.

The Content framework will cover both the enterprise content meta-model, how you will describe your architecture and the other materials used to consume the enterprise architecture.

Conexiam Navigate is a configuration of the TOGAF Content Framework

Conexiam Navigate is an extensible enterprise architecture meta-model and standardized set of templates and deliverables.

Core Navigate contains the absolute minimum information. Specialized purposes, like project and portfolio management (PPM), road mapping, governance, risk and compliance (GRC), business process improvement, service architecture, information architecture, and integration architecture come from fully integrated extensions.

The repository is only the start. We support information gathering and analysis by presentation stock, information gathering templates and use guides. Guides provide method to gather, analyze, and report.

EA Capability Reference Architecture

The EA Capability Reference Architecture is an example of a specialized configuration. Two parts are clear examples of a configuring a content framework

  • EA Capability Reference Architecture
  • Techniques for assessing the EA Capabilities
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SOA Practical Guide

The SOA Practical Guide takes the standard concepts in the TOGAF Content Framework and specializes them for Service Oriented Architecture.

Standard TOGAF deliverable documents are configured to support SOA.

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The TOGAF Content Framework provides a standard model to describe an enterprise architecture Enterprise Architecture.

There is the enterprise content-meta-model, which is the architecture.

The rest of the content framework are the materials surrounding the architecture - purpose of the EA Team, and consumable documents, like an architecture roadmap.

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Enterprise Architect's Guide

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