The TOGAF Architecture Development Method outlines how to develop  and use your organization's enterprise architecture.

The TOGAF ADM is an information model. It identifies how to create the information necessary to develop enterprise architecture.

The ADM is an information model, not a process model

TOGAF Phase H – Getting Enterprise Agility

TOGAF Phase H - Architecture Change Management. Monitor success and monitor your environment. Be prepared to react to a change in your environment or a failure of a change program.

Reaction is agility. Agility is your ability to respond. Agility is always a reaction to an external opportunity or threat.

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What is Enterprise Architecture

EA is a simplified description of the complex real-world. The simplification lets us understand enough so that we can embark on change with confidence.

We understand what must change to reach an outcome and how to change.


The classic crop-circle image of the TOGAF ADM has created more confusion than any other TOGAF graphic. We deliberately left it out of the Leader's Guide and the Practitioner's Guide so we could highlight the ADM is an information-model.

TOGAF Practitioner's Guide

Use the TOGAF ADM to develop best practice enterprise architecture

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Service-Oriented-Architecture Practical Guide

Configuration of the TOGAF ADM ensures you create the information you need. The SOA Practical Guide provides an example of configuring the ADM to support the information needs of one architecture style.

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TOGAF EA Team Leader's Guide

Configure your enterprise architecture team to develop the enterprise architecture required by your organization.

Enterprise architecture is a knowledge-making activity. Optimize your EA Team for the knowledge you require.

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Enterprise Architecture boils down to constraints. Every constraint has the potential to limit the creativity of an agile software development team. If there is no overriding need for constraint, do not. Just Don’t.

There is one basic rule for a high-functioning enterprise architect: never remove a degree of freedom if you don’t have to. Freedom to innovate and creativity are the lifeblood of agile software development.

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Enterprise Architect's Guide

Download the Enterprise Architect's Guide a TOGAF Series Guide on developing useful enterprise architecture.

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