Enterprise Architecture Kickstart

Enterprise Architecture Kickstart

Get your Webinar Seat We need to keep our skills current. More now than ever. Use the Enterprise Architecture Kickstart to improve your ability to deliver transformative enterprise architecture.

This 90-day kick-start is how Conexiam Consulting develops high-functioning enterprise architects. We use this program when we develop enterprise architects.

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Be a better enterprise architect. Start today.

Most organizations need to change. Despite this, a common question is 'how can enterprise architects show value?' This question highlights many Enterprise Architects are exposed.

Join our 90-day Free Enterprise Architecture Skill Kickstart!

Every week has a new Webinar. Every week, we develop a different theme.

Enterprise Architecture Kickstart Program contains

Module 1 First 30-days

In the First 30-days we'll look at what it means to be an Enterprise Architect

  • Why are you in the Room?
  • Attributes to be a successful enterprise architect
  • The work enterprise architects do
  • Who enterprise architects work with (Stakeholders, Subject Matter Experts, Implementers & Architects
Unit 1 Why are you in the room?
Unit 2 In the room - Attributes for Success!
Unit 3 Day-to-day: What an enterprise architect should do
Unit 4 Working with Stakeholders, Subject-matter-experts, Implementers, and other Architects
Module 2 Middle 30-days

In the middle 30-days we will look at what work we do, when we do it & who we work with.

  • Enterprise architecture team purpose & the business cycle
  • Architecting: Models, Analysis, Trade-off, & Documentation
  • Target's that resonate & succeed: Concerns & Views
  • Governance - approval of your architecture. Constraining Implementation

Hands-on with the work

Unit 1 Living the business cycle and rocking your enterprise architecture team's purpose
Unit 2 What we do - develop models, perform analysis, support trade-off & write-it-down
Unit 3 Create targets that resonate & get implemented with concerns and views
Unit 4 Getting actionable approval of your target enterprise architecture and how to assess compliance
Module 3 Last 30-days

In the Last 30-days we will develop specific skills

  • How to understand your enterprise architecture context
    5-Why, Business Model Canvas, Kaplan Strategy Map & Reading an Annual Report
  • Critical Thinking & Analytic Rigor
  • Work Habits - Get it Done

Practical and immediate improvement

Unit 1 Understand where you are driving through motivation
Unit 2 Mandatory thinking skills - critical thinking, analytic rigor & creativity
Unit 3 Getting knowledge engineering and enterprise architecture work done
Unit 4 Next steps in your professional development

What Happens Next

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For the next 12 weeks, you will get a weekly email inviting you to join the webinar.

  • Conversation with Pre-Recorded Question & Answer
  • Supporting Materials Download

We will add you to an email list that focuses on being a better enterprise architect. The list gets new free content on supporting change. You are free to leave at any time.

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