Enterprise Architecture with TOGAF® & Navigate Course - $799

EA with TOGAF and Navigate

  • Practical hand-on enterprise architecture training
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  • Learn to use the TOGAF Standard as an EA Framework not topic of study

Practical & predictable enterprise architecture training
Prepare you to deliver useful Enterprise Architecture across all domains - business architecture, security architecture, information systems architecture and infrastructure architecture

We have helped thousands of people reach their potential

English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, German, and Hindi text. Special video delivery for China.

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Course Overview

Practical Enterprise Architecture Training that Works the Way You Do

Predictable EA is about getting to done. Delivering useful enterprise architecture. Enabling stakeholders to drive organizational change.

From the outside it looks impossible.

We do it. Every day. With industry standard TOGAF as a framework.

Learn how we do it. Everyday

Learn to develop useful enterprise architecture

  • Architecture to support Portfolio
  • Architecture to support Project

Identify Navigate extensions for

  • Architecture to support Strategy & Solution Delivery
  • Select techniques & tools
  • Integrate specialist methods

Our industry leading approach is not secret. We donated our approach to developing enterprise architecture, and our approach to building high-functioning EA Teams to The Open Group. After peer review they were published as the TOGAF Series Leader's Guide and TOGAF Series Practitioner's Guide.

We are committed 100% to your professional development

We looked for good practical how-to enterprise architect training. We couldn't find any so we built EA with TOGAF and Navigate.

We could find TOGAF certification courses - we have one. They all teach the TOGAF standard as a subject. They don't teach how-to be a better architect.

We use this training in our fast-paced Predicable EA Team development engagements. Learn from a vanguard EA consulting organization with field-tested best practices, and instruction delivered by industry thought leaders.

Enterprise Architecture with TOGAF & Navigate provides

Enterprise Architect Training

Enterprise Architect Professional Tools

Ongpoing Enterprise Architecture Professional Development


Practical hands-on training.

Theory to practice to experience doing

The straight-forward approach and thinking behind Predictable EA and Conexiam Navigate.


Hands-on exercises using  a case-study walks a real-world problem with conflict, time-pressure and superior architecture. We know the problem, we deliver the transformation architecture.

Ready to use templates. Populated Navigate EA Repository
(Provided as HTML repository and in Avolution ABACUS format)


Continuous improvement in the free Professional Development EA Community.

Access to all Conexiam Practical EA Navigate template, techniques, and professional development .

Discounted TOGAF Certification Training when you want to go further.

Course Outline

Enterprise Architecture with TOGAF and Navigate Course Syllabus

Module 1 EA with TOGAF & Navigate Course Introduction
Unit 1 EA with TOGAF and Navigate Introduction & Logistics
Module 2 Enterprise Architecture Foundation
Unit 1 What is Enterprise Architecture
Unit 2 Useful Enterprise Architecture
Unit 3 Who Enterprise Architects Serve
Module 3 ABACUS 101 | Basic functions: Navigation, Catalog & Matrices
Unit 1 ABACUS 101 | Basic functions: Navigation, Catalog & Matrix
Module 4 TOGAF Foundation
Unit 1 TOGAF Framework
Module 5 3 Sections of TOGAF
Unit 1 3 Sections of TOGAF
Unit 2 Doing Useful Architecture
Module 6 Navigate Introduction
Unit 1 Architecture Modelling - Formal & Informal
Unit 2 Navigate Metamodel Structure
Module 7 ABACUS 102 | Metamodels & Navigate
Unit 1 ABACUS 102 | Metamodels & Navigate
Module 8 Your Job as an Enterprise Architect
Unit 1 Job of an Enterprise Architect Introduction
Unit 2 Work Enterprise Architects Do
Module 9 Case Study
Unit 1 Exercise & NA Construction Case
Unit 2 Case Study Introduction & Strategic Transformation
Unit 3 Case Study Problem Space | Architecture to support Project
Module 10 Exercise: Problem Statement
Unit 1 Exercise | First things first: What we have been asked to architect
Unit 2 Exercise | Problem Statement
Module 11 Stakeholders, Sponsors & Implementers
Unit 1 Enterprise Architecture Governance 101
Unit 2 Governance | Working with Stakeholders, Sponsors, & Implementers
Unit 3 Governance | Enterprise Architecture Work Product
Module 12 What is Good Enterprise Architecture
Unit 1 EA Theory & Essential Scaffolding | Views & Viewpoints
Unit 2 Practical Enterprise Architecture | Views & Viewpoints
Unit 3 Getting to Value | Stakeholders & Tradeoff
Module 13 Exercise: Stakeholders (Who they are & how they will decide)
Unit 1 Exercise | EA Theory - Stakeholder Analysis Method
Unit 2 Exercise | Practical Enterprise Architecture - Stakeholder Technique
Unit 3 Exercise | Stakeholder Analysis Exercise
Module 14 Exercise: Viewpoint, Concerns & View
Unit 1 Exercise | Essential Scaffolding: Pulling together View, Viewpoint & Concern
Unit 2 Exercise | Practical Enterprise Architecture: View and Viewpoint (What you need to know & do to get to approval)
Unit 3 Exercise | Getting to Value: Viewpoint Development for Architecture Development Project
Unit 4 Exercise | Getting to Value: View & Viewpoint Review
Module 15 TOGAF Architecture Development Method
Unit 1 Understanding the TOGAF ADM
Unit 2 Information Flow in the TOGAF ADM
Unit 3 Practical Enterprise Architecture | Designing Architecture Development Projects
Unit 4 TOGAF ADM Activity and Work Products
Module 16 Managing Enterprise Architecture Development Work
Unit 1 TOGAF Content Framework Introduction
Unit 2 Making the Binder: EA Model & Modelling
Unit 3 Making the Binder: Documenting an Enterprise Architecture
Module 17 ABACUS 103 | EA Repository Management
Unit 1 ABACUS 103 | EA Repository Management
Module 18 Business Architecture
Unit 1 Business Architecture | What is Variable and Constant
Unit 2 TOGAF Phase B and Business Architecture
Unit 3 Conexiam Navigate Business Architecture Tools
Module 19 Exercise: Business Architecture Capability Modeling & Capability-based Planning
Unit 1 Exercise | Business Architecture Capability Based Planning
Unit 2 Exercise | Architect Capability Improvement
Module 20 Security Architecture Domain
Unit 1 Security Architecture Introduction | Risk & Security
Unit 2 Navigate Security Architecture Tools | Risk & Security
Module 21 Exercise: Security Architecture (Risk & Security)
Unit 1 Exercise | Practical Enterprise Architecture: Security Architecture
Unit 2 Exercise | Getting to Value: Identify Risk & Security
Module 22 Information Systems Architecture
Unit 1 Application Architecture & Data Architecture serving the Business Architecture
Unit 2 TOGAF Phase C and Information Systems Architecture (Application Architecture & Data Architecture)
Unit 3 Navigate Information Architecture Tools
Module 23 ABACUS 104 | Modelling Choices
Unit 1 ABACUS 104 | Modelling Choices
Module 24 Exercise: Information Systems Architecture
Unit 1 Exercise | Information Systems Architecture Analysis Choices
Unit 2 Exercise | Information Systems Architecture: Model the applications to answer a question
Unit 3 Exercise | Answer a key question with Information Systems Architecture
Module 25 ABACUS 105 | Diagrams, Charts & 3-D
Unit 1 ABACUS 105 | Diagrams, Charts, and 3D
Module 26 Technology Architecture
Unit 1 Technology Architecture serves Information Systems Architecture
Unit 2 TOGAF Phase D and Technology Architecture
Unit 3 Navigate Technology Architecture Tools
Module 27 Architecture Roadmap & Change Planning
Unit 1 Practical Enterprise Architecture | Getting Ready to approve the Architecture Roadmap
Unit 2 TOGAF Architecture Roadmap & Implementation Plan
Unit 3 Navigate Architecture Roadmap and Change Plan Tools
Module 28 Exercise: Option & Recommendation
Unit 1 Exercise | Getting to Value: Option Analysis
Unit 2 Exercise | Getting to Value: Architecture Roadmap Direction Setting
Unit 3 Exercise | NA Construction's Real-World Choice
Module 29 ABACUS 500 | Merge & Diff
Unit 1 ABACUS 500 | Merge and Diff
Module 30 Enterprise Architecture with TOGAF and Navigate using Abacus Course Close
Unit 1 Enterprise Architecture with TOGAF & Navigate Course Close

Hands-on Enterprise Architecture Exercises

Case Study

  • NA Construction Background
  • NA Construction Changes
  • Our Problem Space

The case study comes from a Conexiam consulting engagement. We altered the real-world to simplify a few things and to better support your learning.

The Case is optimized for Architecture to support Project. It is a small enough scope to do the exercises. It also lives within superior architecture to guide and constrain you.

The case includes the output of NA Construction's Architecture to support Strategy & Architecture to support Portfolio.

The exercises show practical use of Navigate and the TOGAF Body of Knowledge within the TOGAF framework's essential scaffolding.

Problem Statement

  • Why are you in the Room?

Stakeholders & Concerns

  • Who is your Stakeholder

Capability Based Planning

  • Overall change required

Risk & Security

  • What can derail our plans

Information Systems Architecture

  • What is changing

Planning & Recommendation

  • Recommend the Target

Avolution ABACUS Exercises


  • Basic functions: Navigation, Catalog & Matrix


  • Thinking about Modelling
  • Exploring a Reference Model


  • Manage the repository


  • Modelling Choices


  • Diagrams


  • Merge & Diff

Training Options

Enterprise Architecture with TOGAF and Navigate Course Delivery Options

EA with TOGAF and Navigate is available in two delivery options

  • Online, on-demand $799
  • Webinar for exercises all exercises, online & on-demand $14,250
    Maximum 20 students

One course - One experience


Meet your instructor - Dave Hornford

Dave Hornford, Chief Instructor We take advantage of video to get the best available instructor.

He develops enterprise architecture best-practice, delivers industry-changing architecture, and builds EA Teams.

Most days Dave is building a high-functioning enterprise architecture team for a living.

We can't think of anyone better suited to teach you how to be a better enterprise architect.

Read More about Dave


Conexiam enterpise architecture professional development hailed world-wide

Improve yourself

I have gotten more done with my EA Team in the last 6 weeks than I would have in the last 3 years…

Tom, Chief Architect, Business Services

Adapt to your schedule

While I got off to a slow start due largely to work commitments and a healthy dose of procrastination I really enjoyed and appreciated the content and delivery style of your video training course.

Brandon, Consultant, Global Consulting Services Provider

EA Community

Free online community supported by Conexiam Consulting.

Hands-on coaching, examples and templates from our famous content framework Navigate, and Predictable EA method.

What we use in our consulting engagements.

Its free. We expand it weekly.

Learn at your pace

We use on-line self-directed training in our Predictable EA Engagements. We don't have time to make everyone learn at the same pace. Learn the basics at your pace and extend your skills through practice.

Self-directed on-demand video-based training. You control the pace and time of your training.

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