Custom Enterprise Architecture Training

Custom enterprise architecture training addresses the professional development your EA Team needs. Good enterprise architects use a broad set of skills, method, in addition to specialized domain knowledge to develop enterprise architecture.

We develop EA teams. We can help you develop your EA Team with free do-it-yourself resources, Predictable EA consulting engagements, or custom EA training.

EA Training to shift gears We use a sports-car metaphor when talking about individual ability - What gear are they in? Working really hard without the right skills and ability is like red-lining the car in 1st gear. You get noise, burn fuel, wear out, and don't get very far. Shift into 3rd, and you find you are going faster with less work.

Custom enterprise architecture training is all about helping your people shift gears.

Our Predictable EA consulting engagements are guided development. We work with your team to develop their talent while delivering useful enterprise architecture.

Your training program should be based on your EA Capability Roadmap. The roadmap will include structural barriers. It will also include gaps in tools, method, and skills that keep the team from optimal delivery.

  • How-to skills training
  • EA team method and tools
  • Individual Enterprise Architect Mentoring

Custom enterprise architecture training is all about today - directly usable how-to. How to use best-practice method, how to follow best-practice process, how to use your tools. Training helps your people become competent at their jobs.

Ask about Conexiam's Custom EA training

  • Custom how-to skills training
  • Custom EA team method and tools
  • Individual Enterprise Architect Mentoring
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Enterprise Architecture Training for Capability

The best training programs come from deliberate capability development plans. We use the EA Capability Reference model to identify the purpose and the capabilities that are required. This provides an EA Team development plan.

To build an individual development plan we start with a skills assessment. The most useful guide we have is from the Government of Canada. We use this as a simple framework to identify individual barriers to success.

Seven skill profile areas:

  1. Reading
  2. Document use
  3. Writing
  4. Numeracy
  5. Oral communication
  1. Thinking skills
    • Problem solving
    • Decision making
    • Critical thinking
    • Job task planning and organization
    • Significant use of memory
    • Finding information
  2. Working with others

This model serves as a checklist to identify foundational areas of development. Most of our custom EA training focuses on #6 - Thinking Skills.

EA Capability Planning

We use these standard reference tools to plan an EA Capability

Building Blocks of Custom EA Training

We use our standardized training programs as building blocks for custom training. The out-of-the-box programs are drawn from active EA team development.

Most customized EA Training is how-to skill, method, or  tools.

Custom EA Training: How-to skills training

Enterprise Architecture with TOGAF & Navigate

Our premiere course. Enterprise Architecture with TOGAF and Navigate is the basis of our customized EA Training. It provides an overview of enterprise architecture, the essential scaffolding of the TOGAF standard, and a active case-study where the students deliver key architecture output..

Business Architecture Training

Delivering business architecture through capability-based planning. How will the enterprise best meet the strategy, goals & objectives. Understanding, documenting & analyzing:

    • Corporate & divisional strategy
    • Capability, value chain & process
    • Information flow
    • Organizational & geographic design

Business Architecture for IT-Organization Training

Specialized training on developing an optimal business architecture for an Information Technology Organization.

Uses the IT4IT Reference architecture and Seven Levers of Digital Transformation.

Application Architecture

This course provides the skills and knowledge to develop a blueprint of the organization’s application architecture and its alignment to the application portfolio - to design the changes necessary to provide a common understanding of the enterprise in order to drive the changes necessary to meet the set of strategic objectives and tactical demands.

In the real world we rarely have freedom to run to build a greenfield application architecture. Includes how to identify the minimum necessary enterprise architecture constraints:

    • Business Architecture
      • Information flow
      • Organizational & geographic design
    • Data Architecture providing the significant constrains in physical data architecture & repository
    • Technical Architecture providing the significant constrains in physical technical architecture & in place infrastructure

Information Architecture

Information Architecture straddles the Business Architecture and Information System Architecture domains. Information Architecture focuses on the delivery of information required by business operations to accomplish the business functional mission. This flow of information through the different systems is managed by applications and infrastructure of the enterprise.

Security Architecture

We strongly recommend SABSA Foundation for Security Architecture. We will collaborate to integrate SABSA Foundation into a broader enterprise architecture professional development program.

EA Capability Workshop

Clarify the purpose, objectives and organizational model of a successful EA team. Key output is a roadmap to building the EA team that meets the needs, structure and objectives of the organization.

Stakeholder Engagement Training

Provides the skills and knowledge to perform real stakeholder management – weighing organization and stakeholder preference, internal and external constraints to obtain agreement to an architecture that addresses the set of stakeholder requirements.

EA Governance Workshop

We address a governance challenge faced by your team. Enterprise architecture governance includes the development of enterprise architecture and governing change initiatives with the enterprise architecture.

Custom EA training: EA team method and tools

Roadmap Method Training

Learn to balance filling gaps with project-execution. Good roadmaps require removing risk coming from implementation issues and roadblocks. Includes:

    • Baseline and target architecture, gap & Architecture specification
    • Alignment of work packages into projects with clear benefits, outcomes, constraints, and priorities
    • Removing risk (uncertainty) and issues surrounding benefit harvesting

Enterprise Architecture Trade-off Training

Be able to weigh stakeholder requirement, motivation, and constraint while remaining on a success path to achievable target architecture. Covers:

    • Set of stakeholder & organizational preferences
    • Set of strategy and operational requirements
    • Conflict & alignment
    • Political & decision making style

Scenario Development

Scenarios provide a tool to determine how to realize a preferred future and how to fit into a probable future. This course is designed to provide students with the skills and knowledge to perform basic scenario development. Central to scenario is being able to weigh organization and stakeholder preference, the probable path of major external trends and how forces come into play.

EA Governance Workshop

We address a governance challenge faced by your team. Enterprise architecture governance includes the development of enterprise architecture and governing change initiatives with the enterprise architecture.

View & Viewpoint Development

Best-practice enterprise architecture requires the target be developed to address the stakeholder's concerns, Developing Architecture Views and Viewpointsis a core method.

Stakeholder Management

Learn a set of techniques and skills to perform effective stakeholder management. Classic soft skills – listening, communicating as well as assessing and analyzing. Tools include:

    • Stakeholder map
    • Business Motivation model
    • Alignment model
    • Effective communication


Effective architects lead. They lead architecture teams. They lead stakeholders through transforming their organization. Our leadership curriculum starts with this Leadership and Communications course and continues with the option of professional coaching for you and your team.

ABACUS Training

How to use ABACUS for enterprise architects using ABACUS studio. Learn the mechanics of developing formal models and performing analysis.

How to customize ABACUS for the owner of your enterprise meta-model and content framework.

Essential EA / Essential Project Training

How to use Essential Project / Essential EA for enterprise architects. Learn the mechanics of developing formal models and performing analysis.

How to customize Essential Project for the owner of your enterprise meta-model and content framework.

Custom EA training: Individual Mentoring

The most productive enterprise architects we work with are 10, 20, or 50 times more productive than average enterprise architects. They are not smarter. They don't necessarily have more experience.

They follow a predictable set of practices

  • they know why they are in the room, and focus on the hard problem
  • they manage the decision cycle and support efficient decision making
  • they manage their time
  • they rock their organization's business cycle
  • they internalize their stakeholder motivations
  • they demonstrate consistent critical thinking

We'll mentor your architects by addressing the barriers to personal excellence.

Practitioner's Guide

The Enterprise Architecture Practitioners guide provides the foundation of how to deliver enterprise architecture using universal best practices. The Practitioners Guide provides DIY self-help.

90-day EA Kickstart

Our free 90-dat kickstart is built on our Individual EA mentoring

Personal EA Kickstart tackles the issues we see every day with good architect's who could be great

"Thanks for all the great coaching and content you guys provide. It gives me the confidence I need to tackle the job at hand"
Stephan, Enterprise Architect

Real-world Enterprise Architecture Capability

Conexiam teaches what we do. Enterprise Architecture isn't theoretical concepts. It is our business.

Enterprise Architecture Case Study shows how we deliver EA Capability development with our customer.

Using this approach, we moved further in 7 weeks than we would have in a year
Chief Architect

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