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TOGAF Standard

The TOGAF Standard provides the essential scaffolding for enterprise architecture. The TOGAF Standard provides scaffolding for developing and using enterprise architecture, describing an enterprise architecture, and developing a success team of enterprise architects.

Member companies of the Open Group's Architecture Forum work to help ensure that the TOGAF Standard represents a consensus of stable successful practice.

What is the TOGAF Framework

The TOGAF Framework is an industry standard. TOGAF provides established, proven best-practice from the 300 member companies of the Open Group’s Architecture Forum.

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TOGAF Certification by Conexiam

On line, on-demand TOGAF training. Available when you are.

TOGAF certification exam support. We teach the examinable learning outcomes, include sample exams and study guides.
You will learn to use TOGAF supported by extended with practical exercises. We use a real-world case study. Follow what Conexiam consulting does in the real-world.

TOGAF 9 Training course accredited by the Open Group. Accreditation provides assurance that you will learn what is necessary to pass the TOGAF certification exam.


TOGAF Essential ScaffoldingTOGAF is a framework, or essential scaffolding.

Scaffolding is always the same. It provides the outline of where you work, and how you work.

The project is always different. The exact configuration of the scaffolding is always different.

The TOGAF Standard must be configured for your organization.

SABSA - Security Architecture for TOGAF

TOGAF is modular. The essential scaffolding encompasses specialized best practice.

Conexiam recommends SABSA as the starting-point for security architecture. Conexiam’s staff were key contributors to the SABSA/TOGAF White Paper, which recommended the integration of TOGAF and SABSA as leading best practice to secure all architectures.

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The TOGAF Architecture Development Method outlines how to develop  and use your organization's enterprise architecture.

Conexiam Predictable Enterprise Architecture is a configuration of the TOGAF ADM. We took the basics of information-based ADM Phases, added the purposes outlines the Leader's Guide and Kanban-based knowledge engineering. We removed the specifics of our Kanban approach and Conexiam Navigate to provide the purpose-specific guidance in the Practitioner's Guide.

TOGAF Content Framework

The TOGAF Content Framework provides the essential scaffolding to describe an enterprise architecture.

Conexiam Navigate is a configuration of the TOGAF Content Framework. The Leader's guide explains how to establish a configured content-framework. Look at the questions your enterprise architects are expected to support, then map out the what information you need, what documents you produce and build a functional repository.

TOGAF Certification

TOGAF Certification demonstrates that you understand the essential scaffolding for enterprise architecture. TOGAF Certification demonstrates you understand TOGAF.

Becoming certified is simple. Pass the Open Group's exams. If you are looking for help, TOGAF-the video is designed to train you for TOGAF Certification. TOGAF the webinar, provides additional scheduled conversations about TOGAF's core concepts.

Practical Enterprise Architecture Training

If you are looking for hands-on pragmatic enterprise architecture training focused on delivering useful enterprise architecture have a look at our Enterprise Architecture with TOGAF & Navigate course.

Become a better Enterprise Architect

If you are only looking at becoming a better enterprise architect have a look at Conexiam's Personal EA Kickstart. 12-weeks following the mentoring and development program we use in Predictable EA engagements developing enterprise architects into a high-functioning team.

TOGAF Examples

Success stories putting the TOGAF Standard into practice.

EA-led COVID-19 Response

Learn from a real-world case study of an Agile Covid-19 Response. How an enterprise architecture team led the precautionary COVID response demonstrating an agile enterprise.

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TOGAF Phase H - Applying Agile

TOGAF Phase H - Architecture Change Management. Monitor success and monitor your environment. Be prepared to react to a change in your environment or a failure of a change program.

Reaction is agility. Agility is your ability to respond. Agility is always a reaction to an external opportunity or threat.

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TOGAF Examples

The TOGAF standard is based on established best-practice. We are always asked for examples of the best-practice in action.

TOGAF Standard Structure

The TOGAF Standard is designed to be modular, scalable, and configurable. Very roughly the Standard is comprised of

  1. The core scaffolding in the TOGAF document
  2. TOGAF Series Guides that provide an interpretation of using the standard
  3. TOGAF Series Guides with stable tools and techniques

In addition the TOGAF Library provides space for less established practices.

TOGAF Standard Ecosystem

Free TOGAF Downloads

EA Team Leader's Guide

Every EA Team must be configured. Without deliberate configuration, you are hoping random action will build a optimized complex business capability.

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EA Practitioners' Guide

TOGAF provides essential scaffolding for enterprise architecture. The Practitioner’s Guide takes universal concepts and illuminates how to use them to deliver useful enterprise architecture.

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TOGAF & SABSA Integration

Stop bolting security on as an afterthought. Stop treating risk as something you need to accept.

Best practice enterprise architects take operational risk management into account. This guide describes how SABSA can best be used while developing an enterprise architecture. Take a practical approach making SABSA security requirements and services available as common TOGAF artifacts.

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Architecture Governers' Guide

The Architecture Governor’s Guide divides governance activity into approval of the target architecture, and implementation governance.

Governance is how an organization directs and controls its activities.

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SOA Practical Guide

The Service Oriented Architecture Practical Guide supports optimizing an EA Team’s method to support an architecture based on services, which mirror real-world business activities, comprising the enterprise.

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Integrating Risk & Security with TOGAF

Integrating Risk and Security with TOGAF is achieved by aligning TOGAF’s essential scaffolding with security architecture best practices.

This work guides security architects and enterprise architects to include risk and security duiring normal architecture development.

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