Enterprise Architecture Training

Want Enterprise Architecture Training?

We divide effective enterprise architecture training into three

  1. Analysis
  2. Specialized techniques
  3. Getting Enterprise Architecture work done

Enterprise Architecture with TOGAF & Navigate

On-line, on-demand. Practical, hands-on, exercise-centric.
Covers analysis, specialized techniques for business architecture, information systems architecture, technology architecture, security architecture, and roadmapping.

TOGAF's essential scaffolding put to work with Navigate
Includes a Community EA Membership

Developing an Architecture View

Developing an Architecture View High-functioning enterprise architects use an architecture view to show fitness with stakeholders. Stakeholders see the enterprise architecture expressed in architecture views. Each view explains the architecture in terms of a concern. […]

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Roadmapping as Design

Roadmapping as Design TOGAF describes candidate roadmap components as emerging from the gap analysis.  The implied sequence is: develop the baseline architecture develop the target architecture identify gaps from the delta between the baseline and […]

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Leader’s EA Kickstart

Leader’s EA Kickstart There will be a new normal Get your team ready! We specialize in building and up-scaling EA teams to meet the challenges of modern business. The pandemic has created a once in […]

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Enterprise Architecture Professional Development

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Avolution ABACUS Training

Avolution ABACUS Training Practical Enterprise Architect Training We have developed our consulting practice using a standard EA analytic tool and EA Repository. Avolution’s’ ABACUS is designed with rapid information capture and analytic support from the […]

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Effective Online Education

Effective Online Education Intro Heading Effective Distance Education We believe effective distance education, or self-study, requires the best available distance education and self-study techniques. The techniques are not difficult, nor are they secret. In fact, […]

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Develop New Architects

Developing New Architects Presentation We develop high-functioning EA teams for a living. We spoke about team development at the Open group conference in San Diego. Our session was titled (Im)prove Your Value as an Expert Enterprise […]

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