Want Enterprise Architecture Training?

Enterprise Architecture TrainingWe include enterprise architecture training whenever we are building or re-building an enterprise architecture team. The EA Capability Roadmap drives training needed to improve the EA Team the EA team.

We look at three things to build an effective enterprise architecture training plan

  1. Analysis skills
  2. Specialized techniques
  3. Work Management Skills

In addition to developing an EA Team, every enterprise architect has a personal responsibility to improve our ability. We have a broad skill-set to maintain and expand. To paraphrase Steven Covey, 'there is a lot of saw to sharpen.'

Premier Enterprise Architecture Training

We use Enterprise Architecture with TOGAF & Navigate in every Predictable EA Capability Engagement. The program is modular, on-demand, practical, hands-on, and exercise-centric. It covers analysis, specialized techniques for business architecture, information systems architecture, technology architecture, security architecture, and roadmapping.

Personal EA Kickstart Program

Professional development of enterprise architects is the most important thing we do. Every EA Team improves when its people improve. We drew the Personal EA Kickstart from our enterprise architect mentoring.
90-days. 12-weeks addressing the consistent challenges.
Direct personal mentoring so you can be a better architect.

Enterprise Architecture Training for Teams

Your EA Capability Roadmap is going to highlight where you have skill gaps and method gaps. You can fill skill gaps can with packaged training. Method gaps require developing the skills and work habits.

Custom EA Training

Custom enterprise architecture training is all about today - directly usable how-to. How to use best-practice method, how to follow best-practice process, how to use your tools.

Learn about custom training

Packaged EA Training

Practical, hands-on training. Exercises with a real-world case study and EA Repository bring together all the domains into one architecture and roadmap.

Learn about packaged EA Training

TOGAF Certification Training

TOGAF provides the universal essential scaffolding for enterprise architecture.

Learn about custom training

Avolution ABACUS Training

Practical, hands-on training. The mechanics of how-to-use ABACUS and how to use ABACUS for best-practice enterprise architecture.

Learn about Avolution ABACUS Training

Enterprise Architecture Training for EA Skills

Skills focused enterprise architecture training is all about today. Practical, directly usable how-to. Best-practice techniques and method.

Architecture Roadmap Training

Align with the desire for action. Engage stakeholders to tell us what they want do to achieve the strategy or objectives. Interactively develop the best-path-forward.

Learn Roadmap development

Architecture View & Viewpoint

Assess your target architecture against the stakeholder's criteria. Communicate the target in terms that highlight its impact on multiple preferences.

Learn Architecture View development

Professional Development for Enterprise Architects

Develop the habits, practices, attitude and aptitude to excel.

When we are improving your EA Team we address the professional development your EA Team needs.

Stephen Covey, the author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People 7th habit, is “Sharpen the Saw”. He says that sharpening the saw “means preserving and enhancing the greatest asset you have–you.

Enterprise Architecture & TOGAF Training in Brazil

Conexiam has training specially structured for Brazil. We take advantage of the Open Group's special pricing for TOGAF Certification in Brazil.

Enterprise Architecture & TOGAF Training in China

Conexiam has hosted our on-line and on-demand video-based training for China.

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