Conexiam is a Management Consulting Company

We help our clients change.

Commercial organizations change to improve their competitive position. Public agencies change to more effectively deliver their mandate. This constant change alters the environment of our organizations.

We help our client change by doing two things

We develop enterprise architecture teams
We deliver enterprise architecture to guide effective change

We believe enterprise architecture is the preeminent way for organizations to plan and govern change.

We assist our clients in discovering what their hopes, their fears, their dreams, and what their nightmares are. Then we deal with reality.

We systematically work to understand what must be. And what must not be. To realize the good things and to dodge the bullet.

I am driven to do this. Effective change is exciting. Moving past superstition, hunch and mythology feed my love of logic and reason. Systematically diagnosing the problem, identifying the barriers, laying out the changes and crisply articulating the end state is stimulating.

I believe several notions form the foundation of Conexiam:

  • To succeed, we must understand the shape of the outcome and the starting point. We must do the work.
  • A systemic methodological approach is more useful than experience.
  • Facts are more valuable than assumptions.
  • Truth is power. We cannot expect excellent decisions based upon lies and evasion.
  • People matter.

A wise woman told me she believes Conexiam’s approach is a very grounded, result-driven, time-bound process that replaces doubts with truth. Empowers and delivers.

Welcome to Conexiam.


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We do two things

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