Enterprise Architecture Workshop

Conexiam Enterprise Architecture Consulting uses packaged workshops to develop transformative enterprise architecture.

Enterprise Architecture Workshops

Predictable EA – Stakeholder Engagement Workshop

Predictable EA – Stakeholder Engagement Workshop Stakeholder Engagement Workshops start your architecture development on firm footing. Understand who your key stakeholders are, their concerns, and how to communicate. Stakeholder engagement is the foundation of good […]

Predictable EA – EA Governance Workshop

Predictable EA – EA Governance Workshop Enterprise Architecture Governance workshop both sides of EA Governance the creation of enterprise architecture change with architecture This workshop is helpful to organizations considering investing significantly in organizational transformation. […]

Predictable EA – EA Capability Workshop

Enterprise Architecture Capability Workshop Predictable EA Capability Workshops identify the purpose, objectives and organizational model of a successful EA team. This foundation builds your roadmap to a high-functioning EA Team. Conexiam’s EA Capability Workshop is […]

Develop your EA Team

Developing a successful EA Team is deliberate. Developing your team means aligning it for success.

It does not matter which path you take, you will do the same three things:

  1. Improve your architect's skills
  2. Develop your enterprise architecture method
  3. Enhance your organization's use of architecture

We were so confident of our Conexiam Predictable EA we put it through peer review. The Open Group published our approach in the Leader's Guide to developing EA Teams, and the Practitioners' Guide to delivering architecture.

We help with three paths to developing your EA team

>> Decide on your path to a successful EA Team

Develop your EA Team

Steps to build EA Teams

First - The Embarrassing Question

Are you being re-stood up or re-booted?

Developing a re-boot is completely different. You need to know why. How did your predecessor fail? What is need this time?

Second - Boundary of your Enterprise

What is the Enterprise you will Architect?

Know your scope. Everything? A department? The core supply chain?

Third - The EA Team's purpose

What questions do you answer?

Do you serve Strategy, Portfolio, Project Delivery, or Solution Delivery? You get a primary & secondary. Failure patterns abound.

>> Read more about 3 steps to build an EA team

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We develop successful Enterprise Architecture Teams

Developing your EA Team is a deliberate process. Random activity will not create a working complex system in your lifetime. We suspect you don't have that much time.

Design your EA Team to succeed.


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