Deliver Useful Enterprise Architecture

We structure Predictable EA delivery engagements around 6-week sprints.

  • Useful EA deliverable
  • Improve your ability to consume good architecture

We use skilled delivery resources, out-of-the-box tooling, crisp delivery oriented method. Useful enterprise architecture in a predicable time.

We achieved success when a hard problem is tackled.

You have a path forward. You know how to assemble a change, and how to govern the change activity.

Each Sprint useful architecture. Typically, we will cover a hard problem at a different level of detail.

  • EA to support Strategy: provide an end-to-end target architecture, and develop roadmaps of change over longer time periods. In this context, architecture is used to identify change initiatives and supporting portfolio and programs.
  • EA to support Portfolio: Deliver EA to support cross-functional, multi-phase, and multi-project change initiatives. In this context, architecture is used to identify projects, set their terms of reference, align their approaches, identify synergies, and govern their execution.
  • EA to support Project: Deliver EA to support the Enterprise’s project delivery method to assure compliance with architectural governance, and to support the integration and alignment between projects.
  • EA to support Solution Deployment: Deliver EA that is used to support solution deployment by defining how the change will be designed and delivered, and finally, act as a governance framework for change.

Architecture delivery projects are a consultant-driven project—Conexiam provides resources (tools, people, method) to ensure success, and deliver useful architecture most efficiently.

We will work with your stakeholders and architecture consumers (sponsors & implementers) to best consume useful enterprise architecture.

Conexiam Navigate

We designed Navigate to address the problem of getting to done.

This method leads to smaller information demands and crisp focus on expected value.

Read the TOGAF Case Study. We delivered useful enterprise architecture while developing your Enterprise Architecture Team.

Read the COVID Case Study. An EA Team leads a COVID readiness program.

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