Want to earn TOGAF® Certification?

TOGAF® Certification shows knowledge. TOGAF 9 Foundation (Level 1) shows your knowledge of the TOGAF Standard, version 9.2. The focus is building a common vocabulary, understanding structure of the standard, and basic concepts. TOGAF 9 Certified shows you understand where to apply these core concepts in different enterprise architecture scenarios.

What is TOGAF Certification

TOGAF Certification is evidence that you are serious about your career as an enterprise architect. The TOGAF Standard is the established best practice to develop and use an enterprise architecture, efficiently describe an enterprise architecture, and develop an enterprise architecture team.

TOGAF certification shows that you know understand the enterprise architecture body of knowledge. Member companies of The Open Group's Architecture Forum work through a consensus process to ensure the TOGAF Standard represents stable, successful practice. Obtaining TOGAF Certification shows that you have taken the time to understand the industry standard practices and essential scaffolding of your profession.

TOGAF Certification is not about your skill or competence as an enterprise architect. It simply says you understand your stable best-practice and have a framework to build upon.

Becoming a great enterprise architect requires

  • Professional experience applying the stable practices building skill analyzing and understanding.
  • Critical thinking to assess the quality of your analysis, conclusions and recommendations.
  • Being a servant leader to enable your stakeholders and change sponsors to make the decisions and lead the change.
  • Time management to focus on the main chance, and get done in a timely manner.

If you are interested in building the skills to be a great enterprise architect, we suggest our free 12-week Enterprise Architect Kickstart.

Writing the TOGAF Certification Exam

What about TOGAF 10 Certification?

The Open Group has released the TOGAF Standard, 10th edition. Most of us will call it TOGAF 10. As of June 2022, the TOGAF Certification program has not changed. We believe The Open Group released the new material as soon as possible - see what is new in the Introduction to the TOGAF Standard, 10th Edition.

We expect the improved TOGAF Certification Program will be all about effectively delivering useful Enterprise Architecture. Expanding the TOGAF Standard to include Guides like the Practitioners’ Approach to Developing Enterprise Architecture provides an opportunity to teach how-to do enterprise architecture instead of just the essential scaffolding.

The exercises in our TOGAF 9 Training Course use the action-oriented guidance in the TOGAF Series Guide: A Practitioners’ Approach to Developing Enterprise Architecture.

While you are waiting for the update to TOGAF 10, build your skills to be a great enterprise architect with our free 12-week Enterprise Architect Kickstart.

How to get TOGAF Certification

TOGAF Certification Examination

Preparing for TOGAF Certification

Preparing for TOGAF Certification needs an effective self-study program or training accredited by the Open Group. Under no circumstances should you start by reading the TOGAF Standard. Do it the right way with Self-Study or Accredited Training.

Self-Study Preparation for TOGAF Certification

Go to The Open Group website and purchase the TOGAF® 9 Certification Self-Study Pack. Start with the sample exam as a diagnostic. Find the parts of the TOGAF standard. Examine the Learning Outcomes. Learn what they expect for the exam.

They organize the TOGAF 9 Foundation and TOGAF 9 Certified study guides around the certification learning outcomes. The study guide is built around the learning outcome, referenced text, and self-assessment questions.

Training to Prepare for TOGAF Certification

The Open Group accreditation process is to assure you that the training can prepare you for the certification exams. That YouTube guy might know the TOGAF Standard. Will he prepare you for the exam? Will he help you understand how to use the TOGAF Framework to develop industry leading enterprise architecture? Frankly, we are appalled at the mis-information and mis-understanding we have seen about the TOGAF Standard.

We offer online TOGAF 9 certification training. We designed it to prepare you for the TOGAF Certification exams and teach you how to apply the TOGAF Framework in your circumstances.

Selecting your Training Provider

Any accredited training provider can teach you the material to pass the TOGAF 9 Certification Exams. The Open Group maintains a list of all accredited e-learning TOGAF training. We think you should select your training provider based on three criteria.

  1. Your Training Objectives
  2. Your Learning Style
  3. Your Time Commitment

We use our training when we are developing an enterprise architecture team. We always use online training.

TOGAF Certification Preparation

TOGAF Certification Benefits

The befits of TOGAF Certification apply to you and your organization.

On a personal basis, TOGAF certification shows to employers and peers your commitment to the enterprise architecture profession. It creates career opportunities and helps position you for higher paying roles.

Certmag.com 2022 survey ranks TOGAF® 9 Certified in the sixth position among the top 20 highest paying certifications in 2022. This is not surprising. All digital transformation guidance highlights success depends on good enterprise architecture. Most postings for enterprise architect jobs look for TOGAF certified architects.

For an organization, they have more confidence their architects are going to work developing an effective enterprise architecture. Starting with industry best practices and essential scaffolding means their enterprise architecture team is working on enterprise architecture not re-inventing the basics of the profession.

A good enterprise architecture is invaluable. Our organizations live in turbulent times. They are surrounded by threats and opportunities. A good enterprise architecture helps business leaders chart a path forward that takes advantage of opportunities and dodges threats.

TOGAF certification is an outstanding career move in the career of any enterprise architect.



Earn the TOGAF® 9 Certified Badge

TOGAF 9 Certified Badge

TOGAF Certification

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