Conexiam Webinars are part of our enterprise architecture training. We share our experience as a vanguard EA consulting organization. Real-world case studies, field-tested best practices, and instruction delivered by industry thought leaders.

Conexiam Webinars

We record webinars so you can pick-them up at your convenience.

True Life EA Webinar: Agile COVID-19 Response

Learn from a real-world case study of an Agile Covid-19 Response. How an enterprise architecture team led an agile enterprise  response. The major corporation not only survived but thrived in the COVID-19 crisis.


  • How to deal with any change situation
  • Approach to architecting fast-paced change for a crisis
  • Practical Guidance on what activity Enterprise Architects need to perform to succeed
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Government Agile Enterprise Architecture

High-functioning EA Teams do not happen by accident. They are designed, trained, and developed for success.

They always fit within their organization. Critically, they deliver useful architecture. Open Group webinar on 21 November 2019 covers deliberately configuring your Government Enterprise Architecture team.

Government Enterprise Architecture Webinar provides guidance on configuring your public sector Enterprise Architecture team

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What is Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture helps us understand a complex environment in terms that allow us to change it with confidence.

TOGAF Case Study: Develop an EA Team

See the TOGAF Case Study for an example developing an EA Capability and useful architecture at the same time.

Short sprints that accelerate building your enterprise architecture team.

Each sprint has 4 themes:

  1. Individual & Team training & mentoring,
  2. Improving your organization's ability to use enterprise architecture
  3. EA Method & tool development,
  4. Useful EA deliverable
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Enterprise Architecture boils down to constraints. Every constraint has the potential to limit the creativity of an agile software development team. If there is no overriding need for constraint, do not. Just Don’t.

There is one basic rule for a high-functioning enterprise architect: never remove a degree of freedom if you don’t have to. Freedom to innovate and creativity are the lifeblood of agile software development.

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Enterprise Architect's Guide

Download the Enterprise Architect's Guide a TOGAF Series Guide on developing useful enterprise architecture.

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