True Life EA Webinar: Agile COVID-19 Response

Learn from a real-world case study of an Agile Covid-19 Response. How an enterprise architecture team led an agile enterprise  response. The major corporation not only survived but thrived in the COVID-19 crisis.

Agile - overcome the challenge Discover:

  • How to deal with any change situation
  • Approach to architecting fast-paced change for a crisis
  • Practical Guidance on what activity Enterprise Architects need to perform to succeed

Agile is a method and state of being

Real agile is a state of being

It isn’t how you do it
It is whether you have it

Agile method

  • Software development (one use of method)
  • Agile method applied outside of software development
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External opportunities, threats or crises must be dealt with. Being agile means you can respond.

The best agile response advances the business goals, stays nimble, and takes decisive action. Learn practical guidance on what high-functioning Enterprise Architecture Teams deliver for enterprise agility.

With these strategies and solutions, you will be front and center:

  • Handle external change (agile or crisis)
  • Advance your business goals and staying nimble
  • Take decisive action to promote your team and help your business

Webinar was recorded live on 7 May 2020. Covers how the enterprise architecture team led an agile response for a major corporation was able to make the changes to thrive during this Covid-19 crisis.

Recorded Webinar includes:

  • On-demand recording
  • Downloadable Navigate™ materials
  • Agile EA Reference Guide
  • Mapping to the TOGAF ADM
  • Access provided through Conexiam's free EA Community

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Enterprise Agility Model

Enterprise Agility is your ability to respond to the unexpected.

Alertness: can you detect opportunities and threats?
Accessibility: can you access relevant information in time to respond?
Decisiveness: can you make decisions using the available information?
Swiftness: can you implement your decisions in time available?
Flexibility: what are you doing to reduce the barriers to action? Think of your stretching exercises

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Webinar delivered by Dave Hornford. Dave is a world-thought leader in EA and an expert on providing practical EA solutions to real-life problems. He has spent his career in strategy and analysis, creating simple solutions to complex problems. Dave, and the Conexiam team, work with companies around the globe to optimize EA teams and deliver outstanding enterprise architecture.

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