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How Do Enterprise Architecture Patterns Work?

19 December 2021

Taking enterprise architecture frameworks and applying them to real-world situations is an important part of being an enterprise architect.  What connects those frameworks to the day-to-day decisions that are being made in enterprises around the world are enterprise architecture patterns. This is a developing field, but it’s an important step in enterprise architecture, and it’s one you can learn more about through your enterprise architecture training.  What Are Enterprise Architecture Patterns? Enterprise architecture patterns help explain different architectures and the building blocks they’re made up of. They’ve been described as “an idea that has been useful in one practical context and will probably be useful in others.” Essentially, they put the building blocks of enterprise architecture into context, describing how you use them, when to […]

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Enterprise Architecture Tools Comparison: Which Is the Best?

2 December 2021

There are so many enterprise architecture tools out there, the difficulty is choosing the right ones. Find out what features the most popular software offer with this enterprise architecture tools comparison. What Are Enterprise Architecture Tools? Enterprise architecture tools are software designed to support the planning, analysis, design, and execution of enterprise architecture. They draw information from across the enterprise, adding context to facilitate efficient decision-making, ultimately leading to the completion of targeted business outcomes.  The key element to architecture tools is being able to store, structure, analyze, and present data in a way that gives enterprise architects quick access to powerful insights. A clear overview of the entire business structure enables stakeholders to take efficient action to deliver IT solutions that drive business success. […]

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Looking for a Cloud Architect, the modern day Technology Architect

25 November 2021

Looking for a Cloud Architect, the modern day Technology Architect We are looking for someone who wants to architect, design, and lead the development of a private cloud. In short, a modern infrastructure architect. One who is product focused and knows how to create a private cloud. We know that private cloud doesn’t mean containers, hyper-converged infrastructure, or Ansible. Although, all those things are used. Cloud Architect delivering a Private Cloud We think a private cloud is delivering infrastructure as products. We we have a private could when our infrastructure is: Delivered as digital products Provisioned through self-service Predictable Known Cost Maintained without affecting the client Lifecycle managed, including replacement and upgrade of underpinning technology without the client knowing or caring Ready to find out […]

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Enterprise Architecture Framework Comparison: Which Is Right for You?

24 November 2021

There’s no one-size-fits-all in business and this is exemplified by the number of different enterprise architecture frameworks there are. These frameworks all have similar goals – to make enterprises more efficient, but they go about it in very different ways. With so many different architecture frameworks to choose from, which is the right one for you? We take a look at your options with this enterprise architecture framework comparison.  What Is Enterprise Architecture Framework? Enterprise architecture frameworks are systems that are designed to reduce complexity and make businesses more efficient. They define how enterprise architecture should be implemented, and provide principles on which architecture can be built. It sets a blueprint for how enterprise architecture should be analyzed, planned, designed, and implemented.  There are many […]

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What Is the Value Proposition of Enterprise Architecture Today?

22 October 2021

For those in the know, enterprise architecture represents an opportunity for organizations and companies to better allocate their resources in a more holistic and tech-enabled way. Instead of resources that are underutilized or departments and workers that spend too much time in the trees to see the forest for what it is, the value proposition of enterprise architecture is that with some planning up front, even the most disjointed organizations can better situate themselves for the future and whatever the day may bring. That’s because enterprise architecture and the value proposition that it brings to the table means that organizations can be better equipped than ever to get more done and communicate more effectively with relatively cheap digital tools that can revolutionize how business is […]

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What is Enterprise Architecture?

20 October 2021

What is Enterprise Architecture? Enterprise architecture (EA) serves as a conceptual blueprint for enterprise analysis, planning, design, and implementation through an extensive program to achieve profitable growth and strategy execution consistently. It is also a proactive and holistic discipline to give enterprise solutions to obstacles and problems by executing observation and analysis of change to achieve desired business goals and results. With this, EA brings value to the table by providing business and IT leaders with simplified recommendations for policy and project adjustments. This is to fulfill business results that benefit concerning business divisions. The Role of Enterprise Architecture An enterprise architect is accountable for maintaining an organization’s IT networks and services. In addition, as EAs, they are responsible for managing, developing, and upgrading enterprise […]

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How Does Enterprise Architecture Add Value to Organizations?

18 October 2021

The 2020 shutdowns showed us that technology and the right structure can help businesses face the unknown. Indeed, those that were plugged in to the latest and greatest tech were some of the biggest winners during the pandemic, and it’s the strategies and technologies that they utilized that enabled them to not miss a beat when many workers were sent home and businesses tried to meet the demands of their clients and customers under the new paradigm.  Now, more than ever, agility, problem solving and maintaining a holistic view of your efforts is what’s important to organizations, and businesses all over the world over are seeing value in creating a vision and implementing the tools and workflows to help adapt and persevere in today’s always […]

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Why No One Understands Enterprise Architecture & Why Technology Abstractions Always Fail

18 October 2021

It can be difficult for people, departments and organizations to get technology right. After all, technology is often seen as a black-box solution that ‘just works’ — and that kind of approach can reduce critical thinking and other approaches where the technology serves the needs of the users, not the reverse. Indeed, technology is supposed to help, though with poor implementations and technology that’s used to serve abstract goals, the ‘why’ can often get lost. That can turn a useful tool into somewhat of a straightjacket as users struggle to adopt new technologies that may hamper their efforts, all while managers and decision-makers tout the benefits of that shiny new thing. In a sense, understanding enterprise architecture starts with the difficulties confronted, in addition to […]

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The Value of Enterprise Architecture in the Age of Digital Disruption

16 October 2021

While most businesses are focused on the tasks of the day, enterprise architecture brings a new, holistic approach to business. After all, there is a method to the ways in which organizations operate, and those that can codify their focus and maintain an overall view of what’s important and what’s not will stand to do better and have more success in today’s quickly changing business landscape.  However, not everyone has bought into the value of enterprise architecture and how it can optimize the efforts of an entire organization in ways that can exceed the sum of all of those departments and resources at a company’s disposal. Sure enough, the overall value of enterprise architecture will only be as beneficial as the buy-in, and that means […]

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A Complete Career Guide for Enterprise Architects

7 September 2021

Looking to take the next step in your career as an enterprise architect, or simply get on the ladder? We’ll talk you through the process with our complete career guide for enterprise architects. What Does an Enterprise Architect Do? An enterprise architect is responsible for analyzing and implementing IT structures to ensure they align with strategic goals. This requires strong IT skills, but also the soft skills that enable an enterprise architect to work closely with key stakeholders and bring together different departments.  Their main goal is to ensure their organization is maximizing the effectiveness of its IT systems but to achieve this, they need a complete view of what’s going on in the entire business. To do this, an enterprise architect must be up […]

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