Predictable EA - Stakeholder Engagement Workshop

Stakeholder Engagement Workshops start your architecture development on firm footing. Understand who your key stakeholders are, their concerns, and how to communicate.

Stakeholder engagement is the foundation of good architecture.

In the real-world, stakeholder engagement is usually discussed as stakeholder management. All too often, it is delivered as stakeholder manipulation. When stakeholder's are being manipulated the preferences of the sponsor or the EA team are sold.

This workshop is designed to provide students with the skills and knowledge to perform real stakeholder management – weighing organization and stakeholder preference, internal and external constraints to obtain agreement to an architecture that addresses the set of stakeholder requirements.

Real stakeholder management is effective stakeholder engagement.

Far too many EA teams struggle with stakeholder engagement. This is particularly disturbing because stakeholder engagement is the foundation of good architecture.

For this workshop to be most successful the participants must be open to understanding that the stakeholders, requirements, motivations and context that are understood prior to the workshop may be without solid foundation. As well, to configure delivery Conexiam will require access to the architecture initiative and supporting documentation.

Stakeholder Engagement Workshop

Conexiam’s team will lead the workshop determining the stakeholders, stakeholder requirements and surrounding business motivation and context on a current project. Conexiam will require access to the architecture initiative and supporting documentation to prepare for the workshop.

In order to effectively engage with stakeholders, the architect must understand:

  • Set of stakeholder & organizational preferences
  • Sources of stakeholder preferences
  • Major forces external to & internal to an organization
  • Impact of major forces

In this workshop, you will learn a set of techniques and skills to perform effective stakeholder management. Many of the central skills are classic soft skills – listening, communicating, assessing and analyzing. Tools include:

  • Stakeholder map
  • Business Motivation model
  • Alignment model
  • Effective communication

Stakeholder Management Workshop Details

Workshop will be configured for your organization

  • 1 day – in-classroom workshop

Workshop Configuration

Configuration provides alignment between an organization’s existing architecture deliverables, EA & governance processes, and its organizational model.

Typically Conexiam workshops are held in preparation of a major initiative, or when one is crashing & burning. You need the output aligned to how you are working with Navigate filling holes in method and work product.

Foundation of Workshop

Conexiam’s EA Capability Workshop is built around executing best practices of the Practitioner's Guide to developing effective enterprise architecture.

Predictable EA Workshops

Workshop balance training and consulting.

When consulting we are focused on delivering useful enterprise architecture. When training, the focus is developing your EA team.

Workshops balance learning and doing.

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