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Using Reference Architectures for Digital Transformation improves the speed and quality of developing enterprise architecture.

We aggressively use reference models to speed-up our work. We engaged to develop an enterprise architecture to improve our client. We aren't engaged to develop method or an industry framework. This guide outlines how we assemble reference architectures and standards.

Faster completion and better quality.

Assemble best practices, standards, snapshots, and reference publications

Learn best practice of integrating concepts instead of a simplistic merging

Focus on developing useful enterprise architecture

Transformation Architecture

Using Reference Architectures for Digital Transformation Includes

Best Practice Method, Tool, and Technique integration

Align concepts instead of simplistic label matching

Improve speed and quality of delivery

The best reference architectures and analytic techniques provide confidence you are working on the important parts of the problem

Examples using The Open Group Standards

Pragmatic alignment of concepts to support Digital Transformation

Consumable Best Practices

Crisp guidance on applying specialist tools and techniques

Using Reference Architectures for Digital Transformation

Reference architectures and reference models frame the problem and solution space. They provide confidence that you understand the problem and the levers of improvement.

Use industry standard reference models and analysis to deliver a better target enterprise architecture for your digital transformation.

Best practice actively uses reference models, reference architectures and specialist analytic techniques.


The goal is faster completion and better quality. We want to work on improving the organization, not inventing a method.

All digital transformations include a complex change to the enterprise architecture. From strategy, product and service, through your business process, employees and market ecosystem. Understanding products, services, technologies, and environment requires specialized analytic techniques.

You need to pull many reference models and techniques together to develop a useful enterprise architecture. Your stakeholder need to see the interconnection of their changes and constraints.


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