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Integrating Risk and Security with the TOGAF standard by aligning TOGAF's essential scaffolding with security architecture's best practices.

This guide assists security architects and enterprise architects in developing best-practice Enterprise Architecture. The guide shows how enterprise architecture and enterprise security architecture relate. It highlights core security and risk concepts used in Information Security Management and Enterprise Risk Management.

You should adopt these best practices.

Risk management is all about reducing the uncertainty of meeting objectives.

Integrating Risk & Security with TOGAF ADM

Also available from The SABSA Institute and The Open Group.

Integrating Risk and Security with TOGAF Includes

Information Security Management is Mandatory

Bolt-on or after-though Security Architecture creates cost and delay

Enterprise Architects are accountable to manage risk

Risk is the effect of uncertainty on meeting objectives. An Architect must reduce the uncertainty of meeting objectives.

Joint development by the SABSA Institute and The Open Group

The SABSA Institute brough best-practice Security Architecture and Enterprise Risk Management to the TOGAF Standard

Consumable Best Practices

Guide follows Conexiam's best practice of aligning concepts. Start with the SABSA risk model and the Business Attributes Profile techniques

Integrating Risk and Security into TOGAF

Enterprise Architecture requires understanding the real-world. The real world is scary and unpredictable.

In a modern digital world, Information Security Management is mandatory.

Nothing is more important when developing an architecture for deliberate change than removing uncertainty. Integrating Risk and Security with TOGAF brings risk and security practice to enterprise architecture.

SABSA is the premier security architecture framework.

The SABSA Institute envisions a global business world of the future, leveraging the power of digital technologies, enabled in the management of information risk, information assurance and information security.

SABSA is the first choice for commercial, government, and military enterprises, regardless of industry sector, or size.

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