Download TOGAF® Case Study

Download the TOGAF Case Study to see building a successful EA Team and developing useful enterprise architecture at the same time.

Practical demonstration of configuring TOGAF for a new EA Team

Learn best practice of establishing an EA Team

EA Team work habits, deliverables, method and techniques

At the same time, we delivered useful enterprise architecture

TOGAF Case Study

'We moved further in six weeks than I expected to move in a year'
- EA Team Sponsor

TOGAF Case Study Includes

Practical Demonstration of using TOGAF

See the TOGAF Standard put to work - delivering transformative enterprise architecture from a brand-new EA Team

Practical building of a high-functioning EA Team

Developing your EA Team should happen while they are continuously delivering useful enterprise architecture

Configure the TOGAF Standard

Pragmatic application of universal concepts to daily work and development of transformative enterprise architecture

Agile approach to developing enterprise architecture

Time-boxed approach. We break down useful EA deliverables into knowledge manufacturing tasks. Track the work following Kanban

TOGAF Case Study

Our customer presents this case study. We speak about the mechanics of enabling their successful EA Team. The TOGAF Case Study covers the first two time-boxed Predictable Enterprise Architecture engagements.

This TOGAF case study is about how we developed the EA Team, not what the architecture was. We speak about how we developed the team and the enterprise architecture.

This EA team is still leading transformative change.


Conexiam Consulting uses the TOGAF Framework to build effective enterprise architecture teams and deliver useful enterprise architecture.

Best practice enterprise architecture uses the TOGAF Standard as essential scaffolding.

We must configure the universal TOGAF concepts to optimize the EA Team for your organization.


Download TOGAF Case Study

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