Download Sample Architecture Principles

Download a sample enterprise architecture principles. Enterprise Architecture principles identify how to approach a problem or decision. The approach always drives you towards your enduring priorities.

Sample kick-starts your thinking

Test your thinking

Develop better enterprise architecture principles

Enterprise Architecture Principles

Download Sample Architecture Principles

Kickstart Your Thinking

Best practice enterprise architecture development uses reference material to overcome the hurdle of a blank piece of paper.

Test Your Thinking

Successful enterprise architects test their thinking to ensure they have not run into any of the normal critical thinking mistakes.

Higher Quality Enterprise Architecture 

Your organization is unique. Yet it exists in a common business ecosystem. Using a reference models as a starting point supports completeness and a discussion of where your organization has unique opportunities and threats.

Be a Better Architect

The best enterprise architects use tools to speed their delivery and improve the quality of their delivery. Free enterprise architecture resources help you get past the simple part and spend your time on the value add.

Download Sample Enterprise Architecture Principles

Enterprise architecture principles are brief statements that identify your enduring priorities and how to approach a problem. You use these guidelines to test potential choices and speed up effective decision making.

Enterprise architecture principles provide the guidelines for testing decisions and making rapid decisions. Each enterprise architecture principle must trace directly to your strategy, goals, and value proposition.

Use these sample architecture principles as a starting point. You need to develop your organization's architecture principles based on your organization's strategy, goals, value proposition, opportunities, and threats.

There are 7 enterprise architecture principles every enterprise architect should know.

High-quality decision making is difficult. We have insufficient information. We have conflicting information. We often framed the questions we face in a way that isolates the question for the organization. It is easy to create a story that explains alignment. We all know many of those stories are fiction.

Enterprise architecture principles help address these problems.

TOGAF architecture principles provide a set of guidelines that will give your enterprise the guidelines to direct both rapid decision making and solid analysis on the path to business success.

We draw these sample enterprise architecture principles from our Navigate enterprise architecture principle library, The Open Group's Architectural Principles, the sample principles we use in our practical enterprise architecture training.

Download Sample Enterprise Architecture Principles

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