Architecture Principles Webinar

Enterprise Architecture Principles Webinar teaches you to develop principles that represent your company. Every enterprise has a unique design, value proposition, and value chain - you need architecture principles that represent your company.

Enterprise Architecture principles are the foundation of enterprise architecture. We can trace all enterprise architecture from the architecture principles.

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Learn to develop enterprise architecture principles

Learn to use architecture principles to govern enterprise architecture development

Learn to direct and control implementation and enterprise change using enterprise architecture principles

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Architecture Principles Webinar Webinar

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Always use the best techniques and methods to develop your enterprise architecture.

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All successful enterprise architects continually learn. Acquire the skills to develop transformative enterprise architecture.

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Enterprise architecture development methods are simple. They are also deep. They depend on critical thinking and judgement.

Architecture Principles Webinar

The four part TOGAF Enterprise Architecture Principle template helps you define high-quality enterprise architecture principles.

Start with the name. Test the name. Do people understand it without explanation? Can it act as a rallying cry? If you cannot answer yes, keep refining. Get something as crisp and clear as Don't Mess with Students.

Once you have a good name, use the statement to expand it. After all, knowing you should not mess with students doesn't tell you they dedicated the college to the education success of current students and will do nothing to improve the education of the next class at the expense of the current class.

Rational. Why did this principle make it into your top 10-15 enterprise architecture principles? What made it important enough to form the foundation of your enterprise architecture?

Implications tell everyone what sacrifice you will make for the principle. Test change to ensure it conforms to the principle. Test your candidate architecture. For example, not messing with students means you will change around the academic calendar. It means that improving education will be pursued ahead of administration.

There are no universal architecture principles. No standard set of architecture principles represents your strategy, value proposition, opportunities, and threats.

Enterprise architecture principles represent your organization. Otherwise, they are worse than useless.

Architecture Principles provide the guidelines for testing decisions and making rapid decisions. Guidelines for your enterprise. Each Architecture Principle must trace directly to your strategy, goals, and value proposition.

Like most enterprise architecture development, the steps are simple. To develop enterprise architecture principles, simply iterate through Name, Statement, Rationale, and Implications. Stop iterating when you have the shortest list of principles that clarify your organization's core.

The hard part is applying critical thinking and judgement. You need to find what matter most. You need to close on the mistakes your organization is making. You must provide the guidance that matters most. Develop good enterprise architecture.

When you have a good set, they guide your organization. You speed good decision making. You shortcut solid analysis on the path to business success.

Architecture Principles Webinar

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