Looking for a Cloud Architect, the modern day Technology Architect

We are looking for someone who wants to architect, design, and lead the development of a private cloud. In short, a modern infrastructure architect. One who is product focused and knows how to create a private cloud. We know that private cloud doesn’t mean containers, hyper-converged infrastructure, or Ansible. Although, all those things are used.

Cloud Architect Recruiting

Cloud Architect delivering a Private Cloud

We think a private cloud is delivering infrastructure as products. We we have a private could when our infrastructure is:

  • Delivered as digital products
  • Provisioned through self-service
  • Predictable
  • Known Cost
  • Maintained without affecting the client
  • Lifecycle managed, including replacement and upgrade of underpinning technology without the client knowing or caring

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What you will do as a Cloud Architect

You will develop the architecture, design, and drive the transition to a private cloud for the on-premises infrastructure. Then extend our footprint with a hybrid cloud. We’ll assemble our existing hyperconverged infrastructure, containers, and Ansible into a fully functioning infrastructure-as-code. You will have access to the talent and expertise to get the job done, as well as dedicated initiatives, projects, and a transformation program.

Leadership: You will have the key role in cloud architecture, cloud services identification, technology evaluation, standards, guidance & guardrail, workload assessments, governance You will mentor existing infrastructure staff in their transition to developing infrastructure-as-code, and operating infrastructure through DevOps.

Collaboration: You will work as part of an architecture-engineering-product team. The team provides other specialist roles, skills, experience, and knowledge. It fills in where there are gaps and pulls-back when someone else has it covered. They are looking forward to your arrival.

You will be directly engaged with the executive leadership and the other change leaders.

Work Location

We work remotely. The Cloud Architect position is 100% remote. We built our remote work capability before the pandemic, and have the practices, experience, and tools to excel. We use web-based tools, including whiteboards, shared documents, and repositories. We base our collaboration on Microsoft M365.

You need solid English, the ability to collaborate on Eastern time, a reasonably secure work location with good internet.

How we know you are succeeding as a cloud architect

  • Maintain in-depth knowledge of the client’s strategic business plans
  • Provide architectural consulting expertise, direction, and help systems analysts, cloud engineers, digital product owners, and other architects
  • Set the vision, gathering requirements, gaining business consensus, performing vendor and product evaluations, mentoring business and development resources, help in delivering highly scalable solutions, training, and documentation
  • Develop, document, make recommendations, and communicate plans for investing in private & hybrid cloud infrastructure, including an analysis of cost reduction opportunities
  • Develop and manage a private & hybrid cloud infrastructure capacity plan

Your Cloud Architect Skills & Qualifications

We expect to have to develop a private cloud architect from existing skills and experience. We think you need these skills and qualifications:

  • Experience and success in design and deployment of flexible, resilient infrastructure and IT solutions
  • Experience designing and building complex systems
  • Self-motivated and self-directed
  • Excellent analytical and creative problem-solving skills
  • Ability to exercise good independent judgment and act on it
  • Excellent listening, interpersonal, written, and oral communication skills
  • Ability to translate the roadmap into clear team objectives, aligning appropriately with other groups for efficient, coordinated action
  • Ability to work collaboratively across organizational lines
  • Ability to coach and mentor technical skill, method, and critical thinking
  • Use value-based & principle-based decision making
  • Experience with techniques and practices of Design Thinking, Cloud Oriented Architecture, Infrastructure Architecture, Resilience & Scaled out Architecture, Data Management, and Product Development

We'd prefer that you are:

  • Experienced building private clouds
  • TOGAF certified

About Conexiam

We are a specialist consulting company, with experience in multiple industry verticals across the US, Canada, South America, and the Middle East. We help our clients change.

Commercial organizations change to improve their competitive position. Public agencies change to deliver their mandates more effectively. This constant change alters the environment of our organizations.

We help our client change by doing two things:

About the Client who needs a Cloud Architect

Our client is based on the United States’ eastern seaboard. They have global operations. They are very successful and are leaders in their product and service niches. The company is undergoing a digital transformation to improve and extend its market position. Their industry makes information security a paramount concern.

They are a wonderful group to work with. If you are interested, they would like to transition you to being an employee.

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